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affiche Tom est tout seul
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Tom est tout seul


Un film de Fabien Onteniente

Avec Florent Pagny, Jean Rochefort, Martin Lamotte

Tom is a lonely recluse since his fiancée left him. In a rage, he kicks and breaks the door of his washing machine, forcing him to wash his clothes at a Laundromat. There, he discovers an odd assortment of people living under the watchful eye of Jean-Pierre, somewhat of an eccentric guru. Tom's encounters with the quaint collection of outcasts, big-hearted losers, and other assorted drifters will open a path to his heart.
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affiche Levy et Goliath
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Levy et Goliath


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Richard Anconina, Michel Boujenah, Jean-Claude Brialy

Moses Lévy, an orthodox Jew, comes to Paris to deliver some diamond powder. Unknown to him, the powder is replaced by cocaine, which Goliath wants back. A terrified Lévy calls his brother Albert, whom he has not seen since Albert broke with Jewish tradition many years ago, to get help. Their adventures, fraught with a thousand funny ups and downs, are highlighted by their quarrels and reconciliations. They manage to dismantle Goliath's drug ring and find true brotherly love.
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affiche P'tit con
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P'tit con


Un film de Gérard Lauzier

Avec Bernard Brieux, Guy Marchand, Caroline Cellier

Michel Choupon is a particularly disturbed teenager. He recovers his sanity but not before fighting with his parents, mooning over his unrequited love for a young Algerian girl, botching a suicide attempt, and running away from home. It is now his turn to help his parents, who are getting divorced. The comic book artist Gérard Lauzier settles his accounts with mankind by bringing to the screen one of his successful comic books, "Souvenirs d'un jeune homme" (The memoirs of a young man).
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affiche La valise
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La valise


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Mireille Darc, Michel Constantin, Jean-Pierre Marielle

A bunch of killers are on his trail, so Commander Bloch of the Israeli Secret Service hides out in the French Embassy in Lybia. French agent Augier is entrusted with the delicate mission of evacuating the refugee in the embassy dispatch bag which, for the occasion, has become a large steam trunk with air holes. But the airport personnel are on strike, and Augier gets stuck with the cumbersome baggage in a dangerous spot. This is only the beginning of an incredible trek across the Near East.
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affiche Fleur d'oseille
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Fleur d'oseille


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Mireille Darc, Anouk Ferjac, Henri Garcin

The police shoot and kill a wanted robber. His mistress Catherine, after having his baby, goes to a home for single mothers where the police, his accomplices, and a rival gang show up, all in pursuit of the money. Catherine doesn't know anything or so she says. But she tells another boarder about a secret hiding place. The two women take their babies and go off to find the stash.
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