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affiche Le déménagement
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Le déménagement


Un film de Olivier Doran

Avec Danyboon, Emmanuelle Devos, Sami Bouajila

Moving is always a drag especially when you're thirty-something and worried about your future. Alain, a young writer, quits his job with a publishing house to write a TV sitcom the same day he is getting ready to move. To make matters worse, all his kooky friends show up to lend a hand with the move, his pregnant wife Tina has an anxiety attack, and his possessive mother comes over. A hectic day and a string of minor calamities are in store for Alain.
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affiche Clara et les chics types
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Clara et les chics types


Un film de Jacques Monnet

Avec Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil, Josiane Balasko

Four boys and two girls, an unlikely mix of people from different worlds, get together to form an amateur rock band called the "Why Notes". During a trip to Paris where they are scheduled to play at a high-school, Bertrand sees Clara running out of a church where her marriage is being celebrated. For two days and three nights running, the hearts, minds and lives of the great guys will be set topsy turvy by this encounter.
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affiche Le petit Marcel
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Le petit Marcel


Un film de Jacques Fansten

Avec Jacques Spiesser, Isabelle Huppert, Yves Robert

A homeless young man, living in his delivery truck, is simultaneously adopted by a pranksome group of youngsters and made into a police informer. Believing that he is doing something good both for the other kids and for himself, he has no qualms.
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affiche Fleur d'oseille
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Fleur d'oseille


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Mireille Darc, Anouk Ferjac, Henri Garcin

The police shoot and kill a wanted robber. His mistress Catherine, after having his baby, goes to a home for single mothers where the police, his accomplices, and a rival gang show up, all in pursuit of the money. Catherine doesn't know anything or so she says. But she tells another boarder about a secret hiding place. The two women take their babies and go off to find the stash.
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affiche L'étrange Monsieur Steve
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L'étrange Monsieur Steve


Un film de Raymond Bailly

Avec Jeanne Moreau, Philippe Lemaire, Armand Mestral

Georges Villard becomes friend with Mr Steve who introduces the lowly bank clerk to extravagant pleasures. Georges meets Steve's wife Florence. Their mutual attraction is so strong that Florence tells him all about her husband's life as a high-flying rogue. Georges is blackmailed and forced to carry out several heists with the gang. Disgusted with a life of crime, he decides to run away with Florence. But Steve and the police are hot on his trail.
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affiche La traversee de Paris
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La traversee de Paris


Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Jean Gabin, Bourvil, Louis de Funès

During the Occupation, Martin, a decent chap, is out of work and agrees to lug four suitcases stuffed with pork joints across Paris. Since his usual partner has been arrested, he asks a stranger called Grandgil to help him out. But the guy is out of control and their route becomes fraught with danger. As the trek comes to an end, Martin learns that Grandgil is a famous artist who was just in search of a bit of adventure. They both get arrested, but Martin is the only one who pays dearly for their excursion.
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