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Ils étaient neuf célibataires
Nine Bachelors


Un film de Sacha Guitry

Avec Sacha Guitry, Max Dearly, Elvire Popesco

When he learns that a new decree threatens to immediately deport undocumented foreigners living in France, crafty adventurer Jean Lécuyer imagines arranging marriages of convenience for well-heeled women menaced by the new law: a guano merchant and mother of two daughters, a ravishing demimondaine supported by a duke, an Asian circus performer, a young American singer, and a Polish countess with a fiery temperament...
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affiche Nuit de décembre
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Nuit de décembre


Un film de Kurt Bernhardt

Avec Pierre Blanchar, Renée Saint-Cyr, Jean Tissier

After spending a night with a stranger who then vanishes, a famous pianist is left with her haunting memory. Twenty years later, he is stirred by Anne's beauty which reminds him of the long-gone magic night. When he asks the young woman to marry him, her adopted father tells the pianist that the young woman may very well be his daughter. In doubt, the pianist returns to a life devoid of love but filled with music.
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affiche Alexis gentleman chauffeur
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Alexis gentleman chauffeur


Un film de Max de Vaucorbeil

Avec Suzy Prim, André Luguet, Raymond Cordy

Alexis, a veteran pilot, once entered the Paris-Tokyo long-distance raid and lost. He is now a taxi driver. Movie actress Margot Fontane forgets her bag in his taxi giving Alexis an opportunity to get acquainted. During a shoot with the great actress, he is hired to play a bit-part as an aviator. For a plane take-off tryout, he flies all the way to Tokyo - a nonstop flight to happiness for the lovebirds.
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affiche A Venise une nuit
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A Venise une nuit


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Albert Préjean, Elvire Popesco, Régine Dancourt

Mortal would like to divorce his wife Nadia, so he hires Robert, a PI, to become her lover. Robert teams up with a crafty young rascal. Together they find out that Mortal has stolen his wife's jewels, and expose him. The insurance pays off and love-struck Robert gets the girl - the lovely Nadia - and the money.
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affiche La maison d'en face
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La maison d'en face


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Laure Senty, André Lefaur, Pierre Stephen

Mr Pic works at the Universal Bank across from a brothel run by Madame Anna. Having noticed Mr Pic's business sense, she asks him to manage her concern. Although he is at first outraged by her suggestion, a thwarted career move prompts the man to agree. Madame Anna's establishment thrives under Mr Pic's discreet management. But his secret business operation is soon discovered by his co-workers at the bank.
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