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affiche Le journal tombe à cinq heures
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Le journal tombe à cinq heures


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Marie Déa, Pierre Renoir

Helen is a cub reporter for a large evening newspaper. The editor-in-chief teams her up with Rabaud for a series of investigative news reports. By the time their job is over, the two young people have fallen in love.
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affiche Figaro
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Un film de Gaston Ravel

Avec Arlette Marchal, Ernst Van Duren, Marie Bell

Before going off to the army, the page Chérubin contrives to get a rendezvous with countess Rosine. He later receives a despairing letter from the Countess. She has given birth to a son and commands Chérubin never to darken her door again. The former page entrusts Bogaerts, a friend, with a last letter and marches off to get killed. However Figaro identifies the blackmailer and foils his plans. Based on Beaumarchais' plays, "The Barber of Seville", "The Marriage of Figaro", and "The Guilty Mother".
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La femme rêvée


Un film de Jean Durand

Avec Arlette Marchal, Charles Vanel, Harry Pilcer

Mercedes, a young, noble Spaniard destined for the convent, falls for Angel, a businessman she saves from blindness after a car accident.He abducts her and takes her to Paris where he introduces her to Suzanne, his perverse mistress She debauches he girl to win back Angel's love. But after many an adventure, he finally chooses Mercedes, the ideal woman of his dreams, a perfect combination of Parisian lightness and Sevillan rigor.
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