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affiche Paulette
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Un film de Jérôme Enrico

Avec Bernadette Lafont, Carmen Maura, Dominique Lavanant

Paulette lives alone in a housing project on the outskirts of Paris. With her meager pension, she is unable to make ends meet. One evening, on observing some mysterious dealings outside her building, Paulette detects the hand of fate.She decides to start selling cannabis. After all, why shouldn't she?Paulette used to be a pastry chef. Her gift for business and her talent as a cook are a big help in finding original solutions in her new line of work.But you don't just become a dealer overnight !
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affiche Ripoux 3
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Ripoux 3
Part-time cops


Un film de Claude Zidi

Avec Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Lorant Deutsch

10 years have passed, René an François, our loveable scam artists from the crooked days as cops, have lost track of each other. Only a handful of memories are now left from the glorious time when as a duo they scoured the Montmartre district. The loot from their days of shady-dealings has nearly evaporated. All good things must come to an end. Until one day, its all begins again. Never underestimate destiny. Its seems to be determined to reunite René and François, But this time, they'll be pitted against each other.
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affiche Une merveilleuse journée
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Une merveilleuse journée


Un film de Claude Vital

Avec Michel Galabru, Bernadette Lafont, Daniel Ceccaldi

The summer of 1925, Pinède's drugstore business in Cassis is on the rocks. Blaise, his assistant, has charmed the propietor and hopes one day to own the premises. A convalescent millionaire suggests that Blaise accompanies him to Deauville. Blaise agrees and soon discovers the joys of going to the casino and living in the lap of luxury sourrounded by lovely women and money. But his luck runs out, he loses all his winnings and a wretched Blaise returns to Cassis.
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affiche Retour en force
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Retour en force


Un film de Jean-Marie Poiré

Avec Victor Lanoux, Bernadette Lafont, Pierre Mondy

Adrien Blaussac has just spent eight years in prison. When he gets out he finds his wife living with a bus driver, his son, whom he thought was a medical student, is a squatter living of small-time thefts, his daughter leads a wild night life. To top it off, his accomplices refuse to give him his share of the loot and try to rub him out. Adrien wrathfully prepares his revenge.
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affiche Un idiot à Paris
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Un idiot à Paris
Idiot in Paris


Un film de Serge Korber

Avec Dany Carrel, Jean Lefebvre, Bernard Blier

Goubi, an artless fellow, lives in a village in the Allier and dreams of seeing Paris. A mean joke lands him in a truck which dumps him in the capital in the middle of the night. Lost in the city streets, he innocently takes up with a prostitute called La Fleur and gets hauled off to the Latin Quarter by a student. Arrested for desorder, Goubi meets La Fleur at the police station and a great love is born. Based on René Fallet's novel.
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Le voleur


Un film de Louis Malle

Avec Jean-Paul Belmondo, Geneviève Bujold, Marie Dubois

Raised as an orphan, Georges Randal is cheated by his unscrupulous uncle and jilted by a beautiful cousin, Charlotte. He robs the family jewels of the cousin's fiance, pauperizing him in a single stroke and cancelling the marriage vows. That starts him on his career. He turns pro, pilfering privileged homes and allying himself with a series of outcasts: demimondaines who find him criminally good-looking.
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affiche Le beau Serge
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Le beau Serge


Un film de Claude Chabrol

Avec Gérard Blain, Jean-Claude Brialy, Bernadette Lafont

After a ten-year absence, François returns to his hometown in the Creuse and to Serge, a childhood friend, who is drowning his loss of ambition in liquor. Although Serge is married to Yvonne, he is ogling Marie, his sister-in-law and notorious village slut. Yvonne is pregnant. Despite a succession of calamities, the birth of his child and François's friendship open Serge's eyes to his base behavior.
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