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affiche Charlie bravo
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Charlie bravo


Un film de Claude Bernard-Aubert

Avec Bruno Pradal, Jean-François Poron, Karine Verlier

Toward the end of the war in Indochina, thirteen parachutists land in a Vietnamese village where a nurse is being held captive. They save her and retreat toward their base, after slaughtering the villagers and destroying their houses. A reporter parachutes onto their location so he can cover the commando's return. But the Vietnamese are on their trail.
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affiche Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles
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Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Jean Lefebvre, Michel Galabru

One fine day in a little village in France, a group of hippies show up and park their collapsible houses and noisy motorcycles on the green. At first the hippies are at loggerheads with the villagers, and the two groups often clash. But a murder and a birth precipitate events and spark off an astounding adventure for the whole village, which unites the peasants and hippies in a lasting friendship.
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