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affiche Kamikaze
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Un film de Didier Grousset

Avec Richard Bohringer, Michel Galabru, Dominique Lavanant

Albert, an exceptionally gifted scientist, is laid off. While conducting research in his home, he discovers how to kill TV presenters directly from his TV set during live broadcasts. The police are baffled, but inspector Pascot follows his brilliant intuition and figures out the fantastic mystery puzzle.
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Qu'est-ce qui fait courir David ?


Un film de Elie Chouraqui

Avec Charles Aznavour, Nicole Garcia, Francis Huster

David is a 30-year-old director. He writes a screenplay about his Jewish origins, his childhood, and his family. But after reading the script, his mistress leaves him, finding him narcissistic.
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affiche Le guignolo
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Le guignolo


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean-Paul Belmondo, Michel Galabru, Georges Geret

After getting out of prison, Alexandre Boroni is back in business, the international swindling business, that is. On the plane to Venice, troubles start when a stranger hands to an unsuspecting Alexandre a case containing a lighter with the microfilm of a secret formula, which certain foreign powers would love to get their hands on. An action-packed comedy with an ever-astonishing Jean-Paul Belmondo.
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affiche Flic ou voyou
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Flic ou voyou


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marie Laforet, Michel Galabru

Two gang leaders, aided and abetted by certain law officers, rule over Nice. When a police detective and a prostitute are murdered, Stanislas Borowitz, from the internal affairs, is called to straighten things out. He does his job, single-handed and incognito, with little regards for rules and regulations - a cop using tough guy tactics. But the unexpected arrival of his thirteen year old daughter throws a monkey wrench into his plans.
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