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affiche Les couloirs du temps - Les visiteurs II
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Les couloirs du temps - Les visiteurs II


Un film de Jean-Marie Poiré

Avec Christian Clavier, Jean Reno, Muriel Robin

Godefroy de Montmirail is about to marry Frénégonde de Pouille when the Duke, her father, interrupts the wedding preparation. Someone has "stoleneth" the sacred relic of Sainte Rolande which assures the fecundity of the de Pouille women. It is now the property of Bernie 'the scallop" and Ginette, in the present. Calamity! The corridors of time are not shut and it can only spell the worst possible disasters. And to top it all off, Bernardin, the descendant of Bernie, came back with Godefroy and is stranded in the Middle Ages. Godefroy decides to return to the present for a harrowing second voyage in The Corridors of Time, the sequel to The Visitors.
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affiche Le jaguar
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Le jaguar


Un film de Francis Veber

Avec Jean Reno, Patrick Bruel, Harrisson Lowe

One evening three impossibly different characters are all in the same elevator of a grand hotel in Paris: Wanu, an Indian from the Amazon forest on a humanitarian tour, Campana, his interpreter, and Perrin, a dashing, funny gambler and borderline con artist. Yet Wanu, the Shaman from the tropical forest, gazes at Perrin to turn him into "The Chosen One". From then on, Perrin must accomplish a mission that takes him on a wild adventure with Campana to the Amazon forest.
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affiche Les mamies
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Les mamies


Un film de Annick Lanoe

Avec Danielle Darrieux, Sophie Desmarets, Odette Laure

12 year old Alex lives with his mother and grandmother Lolotte. Put off by his mother's remarriage, he runs away from home. Lolotte is so worried she calls her girlfriends to the rescue. Off go the seven grannies, hot on the little boy's trail which leads from Paris to Lisbon. After a series of mishaps, they find him in a zoo where he is attempting to free a koala bear. Everything is back to normal, but the grannies decide to see their adventure out to the end.
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affiche La neige et le feu
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La neige et le feu


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Vincent Perez, Géraldine Pailhas, Matthieu Roze

August 1944. Three teenagers, Christian, Michel and Jacques, are cast in the midst of the turmoils of war. They learn the hardships of life and discover the fear of death. Nevertheless, they manage to steal a few moments' happiness. One night Michel finds love in the arms of Christiane, a young nurse. When Jacques, Michel's friend, and Christiane meet, they are irresistibly attracted to each other. But the three youngsters get caught in the storms of a war, which will seal their fates.
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affiche L'étudiante
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The student


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Sophie Marceau, Vincent Lindon, Elisabeth Vitali

Valentine, a student, is preparing a tough university examination in literature and has no time for love. One evening she meets Edouard, a night-time musician who becomes seriously enamored. The pair are separated by their conflicting schedules. But now Valentine is very much in love. On exam day, she opens her heart to him in the guise of a lecture on Molière.
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