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affiche Edmond



Un film de Alexis Michalik

Avec Thomas Solivérès, Olivier Gourmet, Tom Leeb

1897, Paris in the `Belle Epoque'.Edmond Rostand is a playwright of potential genius. Unfortunately, all he has written until now has been a flop. He is paralyzed by the sight of a blank page and his inspiration has dried up. Thanks to his admirer Sarah Bernhardt, he is approached by the greatest actor of the day, Constant Coquelin, who absolutely insists on playing in his next play. And he wants to premiere it in three weeks! The only problem: Edmond has not yet written it, and has no idea what story he will tell.All he knows is its title: Cyrano de Bergerac.
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affiche La ligne droite
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La ligne droite
The straight line


Un film de Régis Wargnier

Avec Rachida Brakni, Cyril Descours, Clémentine Célarié

After five years in jail, Leila is free again. Yannick, a young athlete, recently lost his sight in a car crash. The only discipline in which he can compete is running, but he must race tethered to a guide. Before she went to prison, Leila was an elite athlete. She will be Yannick's eyes.Leila keeps quiet about her past. Sick of the sympathy of his family and friends, Yannick welcomes her silence.Training and preparing to race helps them both rebuild their lives.There are past events that won't let go, and present feelings and emotions that bring upheaval and a new direction.But you have to keep running and battling, down the straight to the line.
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affiche J'ai peur d'oublier
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J'ai peur d'oublier
I'm scared I'll forget


Un film de Elisabeth Rappeneau

Avec Clémentine Célarié, Daniel Russo, Patrick Catalifo

Fabienne (Clementine Celarie), a beautiful woman, 45 years old, mother and entrepreneur, (who directs her own company), becomes devastated when she discovers that she has premature and very strong Alzheimer. One morning leaving her home she forgets whether she is coming or going, Fabienne meets a man - an outcast - (Daniel Russo), and she goes with him on a 48 hour road-movie and one night. At the same time her family faces a big concern and start searching for a vulnerable adult woman, who has been reported missing.
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affiche Les soeurs Soleil
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Les soeurs Soleil
The sunshine sisters


Un film de Jeannot Szwarc

Avec Marie-Anne Chazel, Thierry Lhermitte, Clémentine Célarié

Gloria Soleil, after disappearing for two years, returns to Paris to get her career off the ground again. There was really no reason for her to meet the d'Hachicourt's, a quiet law-abiding middle-class couple. When they accidentally meet during a radio contest, culture music and morals clash!
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affiche Toxic affair
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Toxic affair


Un film de Philomène Esposito

Avec Isabelle Adjani, Clémentine Célarié, Sergio Castellitto

Pénélope is a neurotic hypochondriac who feels unloved. Her lover cannot stand her anymore and walks out on her one night. A lost and lonely Pénélope goes to stay with her friend Sophie and tells her all about her woes, anxieties and failed suicide attempts. Though Sophie puts up with her friend, her mind is elsewhere. She knows she is about to meet the love of her life and, by the luck of the draw, Pénélope turns out to be the go-between.
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affiche La vie dissolue de Gerard Floque
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La vie dissolue de Gerard Floque


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Roland Giraud, Marie-Anne Chazel, Clémentine Célarié

Gérard Floque, an advertising designer, has got a barrel of troubles. During the very same week, he learns he has been hoodwinked by his boss, that his eldest daughter smokes grass and that his wife is unfaithful. He storms out of the agency and his home to start a new life. He is basking in the solidarity warmth of a vacation when his mother-in-law, his daughters, his wife and her lover show up. Game over, play again.
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