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Un film de Roman Polanski

Avec Jean Dujardin, Louis Garrel, Emmanuelle Seigner

On January 5, 1895, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young promising officer, is degraded for spying for Germany and is sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil's Island. Among the witnesses to his humiliation is Georges Picquart, who is promoted to run the military counter-intelligence unit that tracked him down. But when Picquart discovers that secrets are still being handed over to the Germans, he is drawn into a dangerous labyrinth of deceit and corruption that threatens not just his honour but his life.
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affiche Pourvu que ca dure
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Pourvu que ca dure


Un film de Michel Thibaud

Avec Gérard Darmon, Ticky Holgado, Emmanuelle Seigner

Joseph and Victor are motorcycle policemen and inseparable friends. Joseph has a quiet family life with a wife and child while Victor, a bachelor, is still looking for his true love. One day he finds her. She's lovely, her name is Julie but she's the lover of the Congressman he is in charge of escorting! No matter, Victor makes a play for her anyway and is in for a surprise, or two!
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