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affiche Deux sous de violettes
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Deux sous de violettes


Un film de Jean Anouilh

Avec Dany Robin, Hélèna Manson, Henri Crémieux

Jean Anouilh, the most uncompromising playwright of his time, has directed a story relating the tragic fate of a seventeen year old girl. Thérèse is the constant target of men's leers and lewd intentions. Convinced love has finally come her way, she becomes André's mistress. He talks about marrying Thérèse but abandons her after getting her pregnant. In spite of it all, the young flower girl still dreams of happiness
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affiche Florence est folle
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Florence est folle


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Lise Florelly, Marguerite de Morlaye, Roland Armontel

Lucile is comatose after a car accident. When she comes to, she doesn't recognize anybody and says her name is Florence Bolero, a well-known international singer. Lucile's husband attempts to snap her out of her psychological trauma, but not to avail, he is forced to put up with his wife's innumerable fancies and lead a life of extravaganza.
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affiche Le voyageur de la Toussaint
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Le voyageur de la Toussaint


Un film de Louis Daquin

Avec Assia Norris, Jules Berry, Gabrielle Dorziat

Gilles Mauvoisin lands in the port of La Rochelle on November 1st. He has come to collect his uncle's inheritance. His relative was an important businessman who pulled the strings of the city. Gilles quickly runs up against the hostility of the local authorities. The uncle also had a lovely young wife, Colette who is suspected of having poisoned her husband. Gilles discovers the real criminal, waives his right to the inheritance, and leaves with the young widow.
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affiche Le journal tombe à cinq heures
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Le journal tombe à cinq heures


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Marie Déa, Pierre Renoir

Helen is a cub reporter for a large evening newspaper. The editor-in-chief teams her up with Rabaud for a series of investigative news reports. By the time their job is over, the two young people have fallen in love.
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