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affiche Le gang des otages
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Le gang des otages


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Bulle Ogier, Daniel Cauchy, Gilles Segal

Gilbert Nordier is out of jail and back into the fray of assaults, robberies and getaways. He raids supermarkets and tax offices with his two accomplices: his wife, Liliane, a former prostitute, and Serge, a gangster. Their depravity stops short of nothing, not even murder. They are arrested again, but Liliane, out on bail, masterminds a spectacular breakout from the courtroom. Taking the judge hostage, the gang runs away for the last time.
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affiche Le pacha
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Le pacha


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean Gabin, Dany Carrel, Jean Gaven

Chief Inspector Joss is terribly cut up by the death of his partner Gouvion, who was killed during a hold-up. To avenge his friend, he devises the perfect frame-up: he lets two gangs in on the same job and then sits back as they kill each other off. Once the French underworld is cleaned out, Joss can rest content and retire.
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affiche Oscar
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Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Louis de Funès, Claude Rich, Claude Gensac

Bertrand, a rich real-estate developer, leads a quiet life until his right-hand man Christian starts blackmailing him. He wants Bertrand to double his wages and let him marry Colette, Bertrand's daughter and Christian's lover. Christian also admits that he has been robbing Bertrand for years. The plot thickens when it turns out that Christian's mistress is not Colette and that she is pregnant by Oscar, the chauffeur.
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affiche Vidocq
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Un film de Marcel Bluwal, Claude Loursais

Avec Bernard Noël, Geneviève Fontanel, Jacques Seiler

Vidocq is sentenced to five years in a penal colony for having helped a poor wretch escape from prison. Vidocq becomes an accomplished escape artist but is doggedly pursued by Inspector Gambart, a cunning adversary and wily tracker.
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Journal d'une femme en blanc


Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Marie-José Nat, Claude Gensac, Jean Valmont

Claude Sauvage is finishing her hospital training as a gynecologist. She wants to help women to have "desired" children. One day, she is faced with Mariette's death following a backstreet abortion. Overwhelmed by this tragedy, Claude becomes pregnant herself. She decides to fight for women and for the sake of life and freedom.
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affiche Le glaive et la balance
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Le glaive et la balance


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Anthony Perkins, Jean-Claude Brialy, Renato Salvatori

A little boy is kidnapped and assassinated. The police pursue the two criminals and arrest them. But when they do, they find they have caught three men, one is innocent. The police detectives cannot tell which two are the guilty parties. The court hands the decision over to the jury but the crowd hands down its own ruthless sentence.
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affiche La traversee de Paris
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La traversee de Paris


Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Jean Gabin, Bourvil, Louis de Funès

During the Occupation, Martin, a decent chap, is out of work and agrees to lug four suitcases stuffed with pork joints across Paris. Since his usual partner has been arrested, he asks a stranger called Grandgil to help him out. But the guy is out of control and their route becomes fraught with danger. As the trek comes to an end, Martin learns that Grandgil is a famous artist who was just in search of a bit of adventure. They both get arrested, but Martin is the only one who pays dearly for their excursion.
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