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affiche Hibou
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Owl You Need Is Love


Un film de Ramzy Bedia

Avec Ramzy Bedia, Elodie Bouchez, Lucie Laurier

Rocky leads the life of a model employee and is happy apart from the fact that nobody is aware of his existence... He is transparent.One evening, he discovers a Eurasian eagle owl, who stares at him. Rocky understands that if he wants to regain his dignity, he must act. The next morning, he arrives at the office wearing a promotional owl costume, yet nobody pays him the least attention. Until the day comes when he meets a Panda in the street. When an Owl meets a Panda, everything becomes possible...
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affiche Je hais les acteurs
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Je hais les acteurs


Un film de Gérard Krawczyk

Avec Jean Poiret, Michel Blanc, Bernard Blier

Hollywood, 1942: the assassination of three actors playing in a movie being shot at the Empire Studios throws the whole production topsy-turvy. The producer hands the investigation over to his screenwriters who immediately come up with a list of suspects. In the end, a reporter resolves the mystery and unmasks the murderer disguised as a fakir. An adaptation of Ben Hecht's famous novel.
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affiche P'tit con
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P'tit con


Un film de Gérard Lauzier

Avec Bernard Brieux, Guy Marchand, Caroline Cellier

Michel Choupon is a particularly disturbed teenager. He recovers his sanity but not before fighting with his parents, mooning over his unrequited love for a young Algerian girl, botching a suicide attempt, and running away from home. It is now his turn to help his parents, who are getting divorced. The comic book artist Gérard Lauzier settles his accounts with mankind by bringing to the screen one of his successful comic books, "Souvenirs d'un jeune homme" (The memoirs of a young man).
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Les sous-doués en vacances


Un film de Claude Zidi

Avec Daniel Auteuil, Gaëtan Bloom, Guy Marchand

Just before leaving for an exotic vacation, a young man is dumped by his girlfriend at the airport. He decides to go on a camping trip instead. To his luck, he meets a pretty young woman willing to share a tent with him. But the arrival of a famous singer upsets their romance. The singer (with the help of a "love computer") whisks the young woman off to the French Riviera. The luckless guy follows them and wages a war of dirty tricks to get his girl back.
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affiche Plein sud
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Plein sud


Un film de Luc Béraud

Avec Patrick Dewaëre, Clio Goldschmidt, Jeanne Moreau

Carol follows a man in the streets and attracts his attention. His name is Serge Lainé and it is love at first sight. He was to go to Barcelona with his wife but, instead he goes off with Carol. The two lovers spend three passion-filled days together, when suddenly three alarming, weird characters show up and try to kidnap the young woman. Carol and Serge run away and board a ship heading South.
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affiche Rends-moi la cle
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Rends-moi la cle


Un film de Gérard Pirès

Avec Jacques Dutronc, Jane Birkin, Guy Marchand

Catherine is separated from her husband Charlie. She's in love with Nicolas, a divorced father of two, who asks her to marry him. Everything seems to be going fine except that Charlie keeps butting into Catherine's life, behaving like a real leech. He objects to the interloper and gangs up with Nicolas's ex-wife to separate the pair. However, Catherine and Nicolas are bound by a love that defeats their petty scheming.
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affiche Loulou
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Un film de Maurice Pialat

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu, Guy Marchand

One evening Nelly meets Loulou, a down-and-out young man. After her husband kicks her out, she goes off to live with Loulou. She is soon with child, but Loulou doesn't change his wayward life, spending time with his pals and pulling off small-time robberies. Deeply hurt by his attitude, Nelly decides not to keep the baby.
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affiche L'Hôtel de la Plage
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L'Hôtel de la Plage


Un film de Michel Lang

Avec Daniel Ceccaldi, Guy Marchand, Sophie Barjac

Once again it is holiday time for the regulars of a seaside resort in Brittany. In the August heat, adults couples and teenage groups come together and separate in a fandango of fun, indolence, and romance.
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affiche Le grand escogriffe
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Le grand escogriffe


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Yves Montand, Agostina Belli, Claude Brasseur

Emile Morland writes scripts and dreams of making them come true. So he cooks up a plan to substitute one child for another. The aim is to get a 600,000 dollar ransom from a banker. Aristide and Amandine, a young actress, agree to help him. The exchange goes off well but the banker is so taken with the nice new baby that he refuses to take back his willful little son.
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affiche Cousin cousine
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Cousin cousine


Un film de Jean-Charles Tacchella

Avec Marie-Christine Barrault, Victor Lanoux, Marie-France Pisier

Marthe and Ludovic become cousins-in-law and find they share failed marriages. She is married to a poor man's Don Juan and he is wed to an air-head who spends her time between her psychoanalyst and rest cures. Their fond complicity soon turns into love. Louis Delluc Award, 1976. 3 Academy Award nominations
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affiche Boulevard du rhum
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Boulevard du rhum


Un film de Robert Enrico

Avec Lino Ventura, Brigitte Bardot, Guy Marchand

During the wild days of Prohibition during the twenties, Cornelius bootlegs rum, with the Coast Guard and American police hot on his trail. After pulling off a big heist, he escapes to Mexico where he discovers the breathtakingly beautiful Linda Larue, star of the silver screen. Cornelius is so spellbound by the lovely actress that he forgets the sea and his commitments until the day he meets his dream girl on a deserted island.
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