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affiche Les parents ne sont pas simples cette année
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Les parents ne sont pas simples cette année


Un film de Marcel Jullian

Avec Alexandra Gonin, Henri Garcin, Florence Giorgetti

"Parents are so messed up", thinks sixteen year old Marie when she sees the muddles her father, a general practitioner, and her mother keep getting into. However Marie is more interested in dance than in what her parents are going through. Laurent, a young student, helps her realize she has a passion for choreography and, conversely, that she has always, subconsciously, but unerringly, loved Paul, her childhood friend.
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Trocadéro bleu citron


Un film de Michael Schock

Avec Anny Duperey, Lionel Merlet, Martine Sarcey

Philippe known as "Phil", aged 10, is a skateboard fan. He regularly skates at the Place du Trocadero. That's where he meets Caroline Lemercier and falls in love with her. To be able to see her whenever he wants, he tries to charm her parents with the help of his mother, Annie.
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affiche Oublie-moi Mandoline
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Oublie-moi Mandoline


Un film de Michel Wyn

Avec Bernard Menez, Marie-Hélène Breillat, Jean-Pierre Darras

Mandoline, an employee in advertizing agency, is seduced by a colleague and steals a secret file for him. The only problem is that the lovely girl has no idea how she is going to put the documents back into her boss's safe. Michel agrees to help her, but Mandoline makes careless blunder which makes things much harder.
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Un cave


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Claude Brasseur, Marthe Keller, André Weber

Granier is sentenced to 2 years in prison for a petty scam. There he encounters Marcel Laigneau, a violent and dangerous mobster, and they become friends. When Granier is released, Laigneau makes him promise to help him escape. Once Granier is free, he goes back to an apparently quiet life as a factory worker. He does take part in Laigneau's escape, but it does not work out as planned.
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affiche Fleur d'oseille
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Fleur d'oseille


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Mireille Darc, Anouk Ferjac, Henri Garcin

The police shoot and kill a wanted robber. His mistress Catherine, after having his baby, goes to a home for single mothers where the police, his accomplices, and a rival gang show up, all in pursuit of the money. Catherine doesn't know anything or so she says. But she tells another boarder about a secret hiding place. The two women take their babies and go off to find the stash.
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affiche Les amoureux du France
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Les amoureux du France


Un film de François Reichenbach, Pierre Grimblat

Avec Olivier Despax, Marie-France Pisier, Maria Grazia Buccella

Faced with impending ruin, Duke Dorante gets together with a rich American businessman and arranges to send his son Oliver on the SS France with the American's daughter, Sylvia. But Olivier is disinclined to embark on a command romantic cruise, so he switches places with his gamekeeper. Sylvia does the same thing, and takes on her secretary's identity. An updated, freely adapted version of Marivaux's "The Game of Love and Chance".
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affiche Le glaive et la balance
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Le glaive et la balance


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Anthony Perkins, Jean-Claude Brialy, Renato Salvatori

A little boy is kidnapped and assassinated. The police pursue the two criminals and arrest them. But when they do, they find they have caught three men, one is innocent. The police detectives cannot tell which two are the guilty parties. The court hands the decision over to the jury but the crowd hands down its own ruthless sentence.
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