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affiche Les victimes
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Les victimes


Un film de Patrick Grandperret

Avec Vincent Lindon, Jacques Dutronc, Karin Viard

Pierre Duval, a young publisher, falls madly in love with Manou. Though she is mysterious and very withdrawn, he does know that she is married to the distinguished engineer, Bernard Jaillac, and is planning to go on a trip with him to Morocco, soon. Since Pierre cannot live without her, he arranges to be part of their trip. To his surprise he finds out that Jaillac's wife is not Manou but Claire! Is there a plot against Pierre?
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affiche Pourquoi maman est dans mon lit ?
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Pourquoi maman est dans mon lit ?


Un film de Patrick Malakian

Avec Marie-France Pisier, Gérard Klein, Benjamin Chevillard

The whole thing starts when Antoine steals a jacket in a store. His mother, believing his misdemeanor prompted by a lack of money, decides to get a job. As she scales the corporate ladder, she soon earns more money than her husband does, which leads to quarrels and dissensions ending in a separation. Antoine, closeted with his mother, decides it is high time to react.
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affiche Cache-cash
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Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Georges Wilson, Michel Duchaussoy, Rose Thiery

Eleven year old Antoine is spending his holidays with his grandfather in the country. One night, from a perch in his cabin, Antoine spies thieves stashing their loot away on an island in the pond. He secures the 40 millions, sending the bogus tourists into a panic. However his new friend Liza is the daughter of one of the hoods, suddenly the children are in dire straits. Their flight from danger turns into a joyful outing until a cold-blooded killer picks up their trail.
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affiche Montparnasse Pondichéry
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Montparnasse Pondichéry


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Miou-Miou, Yves Robert, André Dussollier

Julie François, a wall-paper designer, has to pass a high-school diploma to be allowed to teach her art in Pondichéry, in India. So Julie goes back to school where she meets Leo, a musician in his sixties, who is also determined to sit for the exam. A romantic friendship based on mutual respect and tenderness is born.
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affiche La soif de l'or
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La soif de l'or


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Christian Clavier, Tsilla Chelton, Catherine Jacob

Every day for three years, Urbain Donadieu filches 60,000 francs from the company his wife has taken away from him. He now is in possession of one thousand gold bars which he wants to smuggle into Switzerland with the help of his grandmother. But his wife learns of their plan... And the chase is on, the gold-fevered in hot pursuits of the gold-sick
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