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affiche Blanche comme neige
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Blanche comme neige
Pure as Snow


Un film de Anne Fontaine

Avec Lou de Laâge, Isabelle Huppert, Charles Berling

Claire, a beautiful young woman, arouses the all-consuming jealousy of her stepmother Maud, who hires someone to kill her.Saved at the last minute by a mysterious man who takes her to his farm, Claire decides to stay in this small village, where she causes quite a stir: one, two, and soon seven men fall under her charm.For Claire this is the beginning of a radical emancipation, both charnel and romantic.
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affiche Les palmes de M. Schutz
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Les palmes de M. Schutz


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Philippe Noiret, Charles Berling

A humoristic view of the lives of Marie and Pierre Curie and their discoveries around radioactivity.
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affiche Les possedes
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Les possedes


Un film de Andrzej Wajda

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Jutta Lampe, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu

In a provincial Russian town circa 1870, a group of mystic revolutionaries have decided to overthrow the old order. Lead by a cynical, heinous chief, they have pledged soul and body to a Messiah, the sinister Stavroguine, a decadent exalted aristocrat. Dostoievski's The Possessed and their reign of terror over a town.
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affiche La truite
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La truite


Un film de Joseph Losey

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jeanne Moreau

Frédérique, "The trout", is very much like the fish she used to own when she lived with her father in their Jura hometown. Cold and elusive, she comes on to men and then rejects them. One night, while she is at a bowling alley with her husband, she meets two businessmen. They are immediatly taken with Frédérique's saucy innocence. One of the men invites her to accompagny him on a business trip to Japan. Frédérique agrees out of provocation, but the trip turns out to be an overture to tragedy.
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Passion (le travail et l'amour)


Un film de Jean-Luc Godard

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Michel Piccoli, Jerry Radziwilowicz

In a provincial factory, a war of attrition takes place between the manager and a female worker who wants to set up a union group. At the local hotel, a similar confrontation opposes the local population and a film crew.
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affiche Eaux profondes
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Eaux profondes


Un film de Michel Deville

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Christian Benedetti

Vic and Melinda are a happy couple. Yet, little by little, a dangerous passion begins to warp their love. Melinda takes pleasure in flaunting her lovers in her husband's face when she brings them home. Though Vic is partner to this little game of seduction, he keeps getting rid of her young men... For good. Melinda finally gets proofs that her husband kills, but he has become a murderer for her sake.
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affiche La dame aux camelias
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La dame aux camelias


Un film de Mauro Bolognini

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Gian-Maria Volonte, Fabrizio Bentivoglio

The captivating story of a renowned courtesan loved by Alexandre Dumas, the younger, who immortalized her under the name Marguerite Gauthier. The vagaries of her love affairs land Alphonsine Plessis in Paris, alone. She first becomes a prostitute and then a courtesan. Married to a young count, she becomes Dumas' mistress, leaves him for Franz Liszt just before dying of T.B.
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affiche Loulou
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Un film de Maurice Pialat

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu, Guy Marchand

One evening Nelly meets Loulou, a down-and-out young man. After her husband kicks her out, she goes off to live with Loulou. She is soon with child, but Loulou doesn't change his wayward life, spending time with his pals and pulling off small-time robberies. Deeply hurt by his attitude, Nelly decides not to keep the baby.
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affiche Sauve qui peut (la vie)
© Copyright Gaumont

Sauve qui peut (la vie)


Un film de Jean-Luc Godard

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Dutronc, Nathalie Baye

Denise Rimbaud leaves her husband, her job and her city to go live in the country. Paul Godard, a TV producer, is afraid of leaving the city and afraid of solitude since Denise has left. Isabelle has left the country to become a prostitute in town. The imaginary world, fear and commerce in each character's life are the three movements of a film ending with a musical movement.
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affiche Les heritieres
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Les heritieres


Un film de Marta Meszaros

Avec Isabelle Huppert, Lili Monori, Jan Novicki

Sylvia is sterile, so she asks Akos, her husband and officer in the Hungarian Army, to father a child with Irene, her Jewish friend. At the birth of the child, a heartsore Irene hands the baby over to the young woman. But Akos and Irene have fallen in love and a second child is born. Years elapse, and then, suddenly, the storm of Hitlerism and anti-semitism breaks over Europe. Akos now asks his wife to help Irene, but she refuses to do so. Irene is deported and Akos arrested as an accessory.
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affiche Les soeurs Brontë
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Les soeurs Brontë


Un film de André Téchiné

Avec Isabelle Adjani, Marie-France Pisier, Isabelle Huppert

In the nineteenth century, Anne, Charlotte and Emily Brönte live in a dreary presbytery in Yorkshire, under the watchful eyes of their aunt and father, a strict Anglican pastor. They write their first works that quickly become successful books. Their brother, Branwell, a gifted painter, has a complicated relationship with his sisters , he ends his days an addict and alcoholic.
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affiche Des enfants gates
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Des enfants gates


Un film de Bertrand Tavernier

Avec Michel Piccoli, Christine Pascal, Michel Aumont

Film-maker Bernard Rougerie whose psychotherapist wife takes care of disabled children shuts himself off in a new, high-rise apartment, to write a screenplay. But he is not to enjoy the quiet life. On his very first night at the apartment, his neighbors, including an unemployed young woman called Anne, invite him to attend a meeting of the building tenants. Bernard finds Anne so appealing that he gets bogged down with the tenants' rightful claims against their greedy landlords.
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affiche Le petit Marcel
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Le petit Marcel


Un film de Jacques Fansten

Avec Jacques Spiesser, Isabelle Huppert, Yves Robert

A homeless young man, living in his delivery truck, is simultaneously adopted by a pranksome group of youngsters and made into a police informer. Believing that he is doing something good both for the other kids and for himself, he has no qualms.
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