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affiche J'ai faim
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J'ai faim


Un film de Florence Quentin

Avec Catherine Jacob, Michèle Laroque, Garance Clavel

Inheriting from an uncle, getting lumbago from love-making, and being dumped for a stunning office worker the very next morning is enough to make anyone upset. But Lily, with a little help from her friends, rolls with the blows, bounces back, and goes all out to get her guy back. A complete makeover, starvation diet, and crazy schemes are the tactics of their all-out war. However, the best laid plans of mice and women just go to show that life is full of surprises.
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affiche L'étudiante
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The student


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Sophie Marceau, Vincent Lindon, Elisabeth Vitali

Valentine, a student, is preparing a tough university examination in literature and has no time for love. One evening she meets Edouard, a night-time musician who becomes seriously enamored. The pair are separated by their conflicting schedules. But now Valentine is very much in love. On exam day, she opens her heart to him in the guise of a lecture on Molière.
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affiche La chèvre
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La chèvre
Knock on Wood


Un film de Francis Veber

Avec Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu, Corinne Charbit

President Bens' daughter has disappeared somewhere in South America. Campana, a private detective, comes back empty handed from an extensive search of the continent. There is only one thing left for Bens to do: send François Perrin, a man as jinxed as his daughter, to find her! So the unlikely pair starts off on their mission: the straight-laced Campana and Perrin with his burden of bad luck and his truckload of unflappable optimism.
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affiche Le dos au mur
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Le dos au mur


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Jeanne Moreau, Gérard Oury, Philippe Nicaud

Jacques Decret, a wealthy industrialist, finds out that Gloria, his wife, is cheating on him with a young actor. In revenge, he harasses her with poison pen letters and manages to convince Gloria of her lover's guilt. The overwrought woman accidentally kills the young man and Jacques entombs the corpse in a wall under construction, the case is closed. One night, however, Gloria perceives her spouse's web of deceit.
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