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affiche Le temps des vacances
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Le temps des vacances


Un film de Claude Vital

Avec Nathalie Delon, Daniel Ceccaldi, Eléonore Klarwein

Shortly before the holidays, Laurent, a young, good-looking math teacher, is posted at Marie's school and takes rooms at her mother's. Marie is smitten! But so is her mother, who goes on vacation with him to Djerba. Marie shortens her stay with her father in Austria to meet them there. Unfortunately, one night she surprises her mother and Laurent in each other's arms and runs away.
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affiche On a retrouvé la septième compagnie
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On a retrouvé la septième compagnie


Un film de Robert Lamoureux

Avec Jean Lefebvre, Pierre Mondy, Henri Guybet

May 1940. The survivors of the 7th Company are still in a muddle on board an armored car accidentally stolen from the enemy. They help their imprisoned company to escape and lead it south. The three men, considered as heroes, scout ahead with their vehicle, but new adventures await them at every turn.
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affiche Le distrait
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Le distrait


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Bernard Blier, Maria Pacôme

Pierre Malaquet is absent-minded and has a vivid imagination tinged with grim humour. His mother gets him a job with an advertising agency where his blunders keep making the headlines. Meanwhile Pierre realizes he loves his boss's secretary. The boss uses the opportunity to send the troublesome genius and his sweetheart to an unsuspecting colleague in the United States.
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affiche Sous le signe du taureau
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Sous le signe du taureau


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Jean Gabin, Suzanne Flon, Colette Deréal

Albert Raynal has invented a space ship that is now ready for testing. After a successful take-off, the rocket explodes in mid-air. The rocket's failure immediately prompts the bank to withdraw its funds from the project. In discouragement Raynal gives up his research and steals off to a country inn. His wife, convinced he can succeed, spends her own money to re-launch the project.
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affiche Vidocq
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Un film de Marcel Bluwal, Claude Loursais

Avec Bernard Noël, Geneviève Fontanel, Jacques Seiler

Vidocq is sentenced to five years in a penal colony for having helped a poor wretch escape from prison. Vidocq becomes an accomplished escape artist but is doggedly pursued by Inspector Gambart, a cunning adversary and wily tracker.
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affiche Le ciel sur la tête
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Le ciel sur la tête


Un film de Yves Ciampi

Avec André Smagghe, Jacques Monod, Henri Piegay

An enormous satellite - origin unknown - is speeding towards the Earth. The aircraft carrier Clémenceau has received orders to stand by for any emergency. On board, the crew is increasingly on edge. 48 suspense-filled hours while the United States and the Soviet Union join forces to try and destroy the unidentified flying object.
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affiche Coplan prend des risques
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Coplan prend des risques


Un film de Maurice Labro

Avec Dominique Paturel, Virna Lisi, Jacques Ballutin

In a plant working for the defence department, an employee steals a prototype with the help of a Danish woman, who has quite a file at the Secret Service. Coplan makes it a personal matter when he takes on the investigation. He thwarts every plot and dismantles the spy ring.
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affiche Les fables de La Fontaine
© Copyright Gaumont

Les fables de La Fontaine


Un film de Alessandro Blasetti, Luis Garcia Berlanga, René Clair, Hervé Bromberger, Louis Grospierre, Fernand Marzelle

Avec Charles Aznavour, Claire Maurier, Jacques Monod

In this adaptation of some of the writer's poems, his famous animals have taken on human shapes in a comic illustration of mankind's timeless shortcomings and weaknesses.
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affiche Le glaive et la balance
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Le glaive et la balance


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Anthony Perkins, Jean-Claude Brialy, Renato Salvatori

A little boy is kidnapped and assassinated. The police pursue the two criminals and arrest them. But when they do, they find they have caught three men, one is innocent. The police detectives cannot tell which two are the guilty parties. The court hands the decision over to the jury but the crowd hands down its own ruthless sentence.
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affiche Le petit garçon de l'ascenseur
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Le petit garçon de l'ascenseur


Un film de Pierre Granier-Deferre

Avec Alain Dekock, Mireille Nègre, Marcel Dalio

Jules, a fourteen year old orphan, becomes an elevator boy in a grand hotel in Monaco. He is fascinated by the lavish existence he only sees from the outside. He wins a contest, the prize is a weekend in a royal suite at the hotel. He invites Mireille, the lobby florist, to join him in hopes of seducing her but she is not impressed. Disenchanted, he goes back to his elevator job where his competence is noticed by a powerful businessman.
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affiche La verte moisson
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La verte moisson


Un film de François Villiers

Avec Pierre Dux, Dany Saval, Jacques Perrin

In 1943, a group of high-school students decide to take on the enemy soldiers,. They use both imagination and courage to blow up the Komandatur and deliver the hostages. But the Nazi police are called in when a German soldier is assassinated. The young resistance fighters are arrested and two of the youngsters are executed.
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affiche Un temoin dans la ville
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Un temoin dans la ville


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Lino Ventura, Sandra Milo, Franco Fabrizi

Ancelin knows that his wife was killed by her lover, so he kills the man, making it look like suicide. But a taxi driver, Lambert, witnesses the crime. Ancelin chases after the driver, who just has time to alert his colleagues before being killed. The cabmen ruthlessly pursue the murderer all over Paris before he is shot by the police.
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