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affiche Le chemin des écoliers
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Le chemin des écoliers


Un film de Michel Boisrond

Avec Françoise Arnoul, Bourvil, Lino Ventura

In 1943 during the Occupation of France, Antoine Michaud does black-market business to support his mistress. He plans to visit her for a few days and on the way, he runs into his father in a cabaret. Mister Michaud, senior, was convinced up until their meeting that his son was in the provinces with a school buddy. To prevent a public scandal, the cabaret owner instructs Olga, a luscious doll, to use her wiles on Mister Michaud. In the end, the father and son manage to build a new relationship.
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affiche Capitaine Pantoufle
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Capitaine Pantoufle


Un film de Guy Lefranc

Avec François Périer, Marthe Mercadier, Michèle Monty

Emmanuel Bonnavent, a bank employee, wants to know what it is like to be rich for a day. So he pockets 800.000 francs from the till with the firm intention of putting the money back the very next day. However the bank manager tells Bonnavent's family of the heinous crime. Emmanuel feigns a heart attack to avoid blame. As he lies prostrate, Emmanuel finds out what his relatives truly feel about him.
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affiche Le rideau rouge
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Le rideau rouge


Un film de André Barsacq

Avec Michel Simon, Pierre Brasseur, Monelle Valentin

Bertal, a theater manager, is assassinated in his dressing room just before a performance of Macbeth. There are countless suspects because the victim was a cynical, friendless man. But the police investigation traces the murder occurred in exactly the same way as it does in Shakespeare's play. The only film of the great theater director André Barsacq.
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affiche 24 heures de perm..!
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24 heures de perm..!


Un film de Maurice Cloche

Avec Georges Rigaud, Julien Carette, Blanchette Brunoy

Gaston, a young soldier, and Yvonne, a young working girl have never met but they write to each other. They decide to exchange snapshots but because Gaston thinks Jacques is handsomer, he sends her a picture of his buddy and Yvonne does the same with a snapshot of her friend Huguette. During a leave, both soldiers go to Paris where the two young women live. The lovers endure endless misadventures because of their innocent hoax.
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affiche Cécile est morte
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Cécile est morte


Un film de Maurice Tourneur

Avec Albert Préjean, Santa Relli, Germaine Kerjean

Cécile keeps pestering Inspector Maigret because the awkward plain girl is sure that every night someone slips into the apartment where she lives with her aunt, Mrs. Boynet. The Inspector does not take the case seriously but then Cécile's sister, her aunt and Cécile herself are murdered. At their funeral, Maigret recognizes Marchepied, Mrs. Boynet's cousin. The mystery of the three murders unravels at La Rochelle, the town where Marchepied lives.
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Le voyageur sans bagage


Un film de Jean Anouilh

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Blanchette Brunoy, Pierre Renoir

Gaston, who lost his memory in World War I, has lived in a home for 10 years. In the hope of restoring his memory, Duchess Dupont-Dufort decides to let him spend a few days with each of the five families who've laid claim to him. The Renaud family describes him as nasty and selfish. Although he doesn't doubt that they are his real family, he decides to reject them.
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affiche L'homme de Londres
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L'homme de Londres


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Fernand Ledoux, Jules Berry, Jean Brochard

At the Dieppe harbor, Maluin, a switchman, sees two men fight until one drowns and the other runs away. The only thing left is a money-filled bag that Maluin takes and kills to keep. Overcome with remorse, Maluin finally gives himself in to the police.
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affiche Le journal tombe à cinq heures
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Le journal tombe à cinq heures


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Marie Déa, Pierre Renoir

Helen is a cub reporter for a large evening newspaper. The editor-in-chief teams her up with Rabaud for a series of investigative news reports. By the time their job is over, the two young people have fallen in love.
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affiche Raphael le tatoue
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Raphael le tatoue


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Fernandel, Madeleine Sologne, Armand Bernard

Modeste works in a car factory. In need of an alibi for his boss, he makes up a twin brother called Raphael. But the boss whose firm is sponsoring a marathon race sees the twins as an opportunity for cheating. Modeste is then forced to play the part of his imaginary brother. But Aline, the young woman he's courting, falls in love with Raphael. In the end, an exhausted Modeste wins the race and Aline's heart.
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affiche La piste du Sud
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La piste du Sud


Un film de Pierre Billon

Avec Albert Préjean, Pierre Renoir, Jean-Louis Barrault

As Hélène is conveying her husband's body across the Sahara, her convoy is attacked by looters. The young widow survives only to be taken to a remote desert village called Tirzit amidst a band of lonely, ailing men. She meets her husband's partner who tries to kill her. Hélène does not report him to the police but is curious to learn the reasons for his action. Before dying of a terrible fever, the man confesses that he murdered her husband.
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affiche Boubouroche
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Un film de André Hugon

Avec André Berley, Madeleine Renaud, Claude Dauphin

Boubouroche, a decent guy, enjoys shopping and playing cards at the cafe with his buddies: Potasse, that he is quick to "scold" for playing the wrong card, Fouettard and Roth. For eight years, Boubouroche has been living with a woman he adores called Adele. Then one day over drinks, Boubouroche is shocked and dismayed to find out he is cuckolded ... And has been for quite a while !
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