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The student


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Sophie Marceau, Vincent Lindon, Elisabeth Vitali

Valentine, a student, is preparing a tough university examination in literature and has no time for love. One evening she meets Edouard, a night-time musician who becomes seriously enamored. The pair are separated by their conflicting schedules. But now Valentine is very much in love. On exam day, she opens her heart to him in the guise of a lecture on Molière.
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Association de malfaiteurs
Association of wrong doers


Un film de Claude Zidi

Avec François Cluzet, Christophe Malavoy, Claire Nebout

Two business partners make an old friend, less successful and a bit of a scrounger, believe he has won the lottery. their practical joke backfires and they are accused of stealing a safe from a wealthy tycoon. A sexy female police commissioner - a former girlfriend of the robbery victim - makes the accused men's lives difficult during the investigation. Eventually the two must become real outlaws to cover the loss of the money taker in the first burglary.
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Scout toujours


Un film de Gérard Jugnot

Avec Gérard Jugnot, Jean-Claude Leguay, Eric Prat

Boy Scout troop leader Jean-Baptiste finds he's taken on more than he can handle on what should have been a routin camping trip. He's faced with a wild group of scouts who defy his authority. The bumbling scoutmaster also has to deal with a gay colleague who questions his sexual preferences. As the comic disasters arrive, Jean-Baptiste is on the verge of turning in his scoutmaster's badge.
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