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affiche Papi-Sitter
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Pappy Sitter


Un film de Philippe Guillard

Avec Gérard Lanvin, Olivier Marchal, Camille Aguilar

Franck and Karine are offered a job on a cruise ship they can't refuse.The only problem: Their daughter Camille has to study for her finals but has other ideas of fun in mind instead...No problem! To straighten his daughter out and set her to work, Franck calls on his father André, a retired captain from the national police, hopelessly uptight and rigid. With military discipline, Camille's finals will be a success!But this is the moment when the second grandfather Teddy, an eccentric and wild former nightclub manager and the total opposite of the strict André, chooses to return after many years abroad... Living together promises to be complicated...
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affiche Monsieur je sais tout
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Monsieur je sais tout
Mr. Know-It-All


Un film de François Prevot-Leygonie, Stéphan Archinard

Avec Arnaud Ducret, Max Baissette de Malglaive, Alice David

35-year-old Vincent Barteau is a 1.92-meter-tall, confirmed bachelor and football coach. At 13 years old, his 1.53-meter-tall nephew Leo is a champion chess player with Asperger's. Their reunion-as unlikely as it is powerful-will turn Vincent's world upside down and offer Leo the chance of a lifetime.
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affiche On voulait tout casser
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On voulait tout casser
We Were Young


Un film de Philippe Guillard

Avec Kad Merad, Charles Berling, Benoit Magimel

Five guys who have been friends for more than thirty years have long ago abandoned their teenage dreams. One day they learn that the most serious of the group has decided to set sail around the world. When they uncover the true reason for this sudden decision, they begin to question themselves, awakening all those old dreams... Whatever happened to our twenties...? Back when we were ready to break everything in sight...
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affiche Intouchables
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Un film de Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache

Avec François Cluzet, Omar Sy, Anne Le Ny

After a paragliding accident, Philippe, a rich aristocrat, hires Driss, a young guy from the projects recently released from prison as his care-giver... In other words, the person least suited for the job.Together they will blend Vivaldi and Earth, Wind and Fire, elegant diction and street jive, suits and sweatpants...Two worlds are going to collide and come to terms with each other to give birth to a friendship as crazy, comical and strong as it is unexpected, a unique relationship that will create sparks and make them... Untouchable.
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