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affiche Le pacha
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Le pacha


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean Gabin, Dany Carrel, Jean Gaven

Chief Inspector Joss is terribly cut up by the death of his partner Gouvion, who was killed during a hold-up. To avenge his friend, he devises the perfect frame-up: he lets two gangs in on the same job and then sits back as they kill each other off. Once the French underworld is cleaned out, Joss can rest content and retire.
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Piège pour Cendrillon


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Dany Carrel, Madeleine Robinson, Jean Gaven

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affiche Obsession
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Un film de Jean Delannoy

Avec Michèle Morgan, Raf Vallone, Marthe Mercadier

Trapeze artists Hélène and Aldo get married. Aldo informs his wife that he killed a man several years earlier. The guilty secret does not mar the pair's happiness until Alex, the only witness of the murder, shows up, and is murdered. Some man is arrested and sentenced to death for the crime. Certain of her husband's guilt, Helene tells the whole story to the police. Although the condemned man is actually guilty of Alex's murder, the police re-opens the first murder case.
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affiche L'assassin n'est pas coupable
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L'assassin n'est pas coupable


Un film de René Delacroix

Avec Albert Préjean, Jacqueline Gauthier, Jules Berry

Julien, a clever novelist, has written a screenplay based on various attempted murders, which occurred in a movie studio. But when three young star actors are murdered for real, Julien becomes the prime suspect. To clear himself from the crime, the novelist investigates on his own and identifies the murderers.
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affiche Les cadets de l'oc?an
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Les cadets de l'oc?an


Un film de Jean Dréville

Avec Blanchette Brunoy, Jean Paqui, Jean Claudio

A cabin boy's life as an apprentice on the cadet training ship "Océan" is not an easy one. Town outings, friendship and hazing occasionally ease their drudgery. Their teenage infatuations are fleeting for the bracing sea life dedicated to the country's welfare calls them back to duty. The cadets march on to its beat as they proudly salute the flag.
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