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affiche François Villon
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François Villon


Un film de André Zwobada

Avec Serge Reggiani, Renée Faure, Michel Vitold

A very free adaptation of the life of François Villon. The famous French poet is both a young master delighting Paris students and an accomplice of a gang of thieves and assassins. He is every ready for romantic or bloody adventures and has but few morals. However, a sudden virtuous action brings about his downfall.
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affiche La cage aux rossignols
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La cage aux rossignols


Un film de Jean Dréville

Avec Noël-Noël, Micheline Francey, Georges Biscot

Clément Mathieu wants both success and his sweetheart's love. So he publishes his autobiography: the story of a warden in a detention school for young delinquent offenders. His generosity and patience pay off with the youngsters. Clément Mathieu can reap his rewards: a successful book and happy marriage.
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affiche L'inévitable M. Dubois
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L'inévitable M. Dubois


Un film de Pierre Billon

Avec Annie Ducaux, André Luguet, Mony Dalmes

With a hand of steel, Hélène efficiently runs a big luxury perfume factory in Grasse. There is no room for fun in her dull businesswoman's life. Then, a car accident drops Claude Dubois, a painter, into her lap. But the artist will have to deploy all his subtle wiles and clever tricks to rouse Hélène's feelings and get her to enjoy the cozy life of a cherished wife.
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affiche Le journal tombe à cinq heures
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Le journal tombe à cinq heures


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Marie Déa, Pierre Renoir

Helen is a cub reporter for a large evening newspaper. The editor-in-chief teams her up with Rabaud for a series of investigative news reports. By the time their job is over, the two young people have fallen in love.
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