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affiche Du mouron pour les petits oiseaux
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Du mouron pour les petits oiseaux


Un film de Marcel Carné

Avec Dany Saval, Paul Meurisse, Suzy Delair

Mr Armand is now the respectable owner of a building. He has carefully kept a stash of bank notes from his former life as a robber. One of his tenants, an elderly aristocrat suddenly dies. When an Inspector shows up to investigate, Mr Armand decides to leave Paris. He takes his money and another tenant, Lucy, along. The grasping young woman has found out about the stash and wants to get her hands on it.
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affiche Oh que mambo
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Oh que mambo


Un film de John Berry

Avec Dario Moreno, Magali Noël, Jean Poiret

After his wife deserts him, Miguel, a lowly bank clerk, treats himself to a consolation dinner at a restaurant. He has one too many, spends his month's wages, and starts to sing and dance. His antics attract the attention of some Music Hall producers, who immediately sign him up. Miguel is on his way to fame and fortune little suspecting that trouble is around the corner. Two bumbling policemen suspect him of being an accomplice in a holdup. Happily, the real robber is caught and Miguel wins back his wife's love.
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affiche Ma femme mon gosse et moi
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Ma femme mon gosse et moi


Un film de Marc Allégret

Avec Robert Lamoureux, Annie Girardot, Jacques Jouanneau

Marie-Blanche and Bob's marriage is on the rocks. They decide to file for divorce and share the custody of their only child Gégé. During the divorce proceedings, the parents keep vying for the little boy's attention in a game to win his love. The parents use the child to send each other messages that Gégé doesn't transmit, so they will both keep spoiling him. The discovery of his guileless scheme clears the way for his parents' reconciliation.
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affiche French-cancan
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Un film de Jean Renoir

Avec Jean Gabin, Françoise Arnoul, Maria Félix

Danglard, a show producer, has started renovation work on an old building that he calls the Moulin Rouge. He is betting that he can turn an old quadrille called the Cancan into a success and turn a young washing woman called Nini into a star dancer. Danglard's project will face Lola's jealous love for him, his backer's withdrawal, and the Montmartre pimps. Despite injuries and ruin, Danglard doesn't give up and opening night at the Moulin Rouge is a smashing success.
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affiche Les belles de nuit
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Les belles de nuit


Un film de René Clair

Avec Gérard Philipe, Martine Carol, Gina Lollobrigida

Claude is bored to tears with his uneventful life. At night, the poor young musician finds escape in his dreams. There he becomes a respected member of society surrounded by charming young women vying for his affections in a fantasy world set in different periods. As his enchanting dreams gradually turn into nightmares, Claude wakes up with relief to a reality he finds delightfully full of promises.
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affiche Trente et quarante
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Trente et quarante


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Georges Guétary, Martine Carol, Jeanne Fusier-Gir

In the XIXth Century, at the height of the Carnival, Madeleine falls in love with a young Italian nobleman, Count Mario de Miranda. A moment's breath and they lose sight of each other, meet again and leave for Monte Carlo. Their love, thwarted for a time by an authoritarian father, unites them forever.
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Lettres d'amour


Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Odette Joyeux, François Périer, Simone Renant

Argenson, 1855: two clans defy each other: the affluent "High Society", led by the governor and his wife Hortense on the one side, and the "Boutique", the shop-keepers, with Zelie Fontaine at their head, on the other side. As Zelie is Hortense's friend, she agrees to act as a go-between, receiving and forwarding Hortense's love letters.
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affiche Caprices
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Un film de Léo Joannon

Avec Danielle Darrieux, Albert Préjean, Jean Paredès

Two young well-to-do's enjoy make-believe. She is a well-known actress pretending to be a poor flower-girl. He is a distinguished man about town passing himself off as a counterfeiter and swindler. Their game takes them and their friends on a slew of adventures. Truth will come out as it usually does and the couple go back to who they were, promising they will always stay together.
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affiche Premier rendez-vous
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Premier rendez-vous


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Danielle Darrieux, Sophie Desmarets, Suzanne Dehelly

Micheline lives in an orphanage. In want of affection and comfort, the schoolgirl answers an ad in the personals and goes to a date at a café where she meets a middle-aged professor. The older, bashful man realizes Micheline's disappointment and slips away, leaving his nephew Pierre in his stead. The young man is destined to become Prince Charming
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affiche Nuit de décembre
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Nuit de décembre


Un film de Kurt Bernhardt

Avec Pierre Blanchar, Renée Saint-Cyr, Jean Tissier

After spending a night with a stranger who then vanishes, a famous pianist is left with her haunting memory. Twenty years later, he is stirred by Anne's beauty which reminds him of the long-gone magic night. When he asks the young woman to marry him, her adopted father tells the pianist that the young woman may very well be his daughter. In doubt, the pianist returns to a life devoid of love but filled with music.
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