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affiche La gloire de mon père
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La gloire de mon père


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Philippe Caubère, Nathalie Roussel, Didier Pain

Young Marcel, the son of a seamstress and a school teacher, quickly learns how to read and write. The Pagnol family, a new brother and sister in tow, complete with aunt Rosa and her husband, take off to their vacation spot in the hills, where they have rented a house. Uncle Jules teaches Joseph how to hunt and - to his son's pride - the latter manages to pull off the "king's shot" killing two royal partridges. But, as the holiday comes to an end, Marcel must leave the hills and his poacher friend.
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affiche L'invité surprise
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L'invité surprise


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Victor Lanoux, Eric Blanc, Jean Carmet

Martin witnesses the explosion of a booby-trapped car, he even has a photograph of the alleged terrorist. He then suddenly becomes a sitting duck for the media who want him to talk and for the Secret Service who want him to shut up. In self-protection, he decides to handle the investigation himself, spreading mayhem in the process. Martin manages, nevertheless, to unravel the murky affair.
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affiche Judith Therpauve
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Judith Therpauve


Un film de Patrice Chereau

Avec Simone Signoret, Marcel Imhoff, Philippe Léotard

The widow of a resistance leader, Judith Therpauve, agrees to take over a large daily, established after the liberation of France. But she is soon under pressure from dirty dealings, on the one hand, and labor demands, on the other. In spite of a short business upswing, the daily falls victim to a large press consortium. Judith must face the responsibility of failure alone.
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affiche On a retrouvé la septième compagnie
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On a retrouvé la septième compagnie


Un film de Robert Lamoureux

Avec Jean Lefebvre, Pierre Mondy, Henri Guybet

May 1940. The survivors of the 7th Company are still in a muddle on board an armored car accidentally stolen from the enemy. They help their imprisoned company to escape and lead it south. The three men, considered as heroes, scout ahead with their vehicle, but new adventures await them at every turn.
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Lacombe Lucien


Un film de Louis Malle

Avec Pierre Blaise, Aurore Clément, Theresa Giehse

June 1944. Farmer's seventeen-year-old son Lucien Lacombe cleans a hospice for a living. The epitome of his father, war prisoner, motivates him to get involved in a parallel army. He is refused by the leader of this army. He finishes being enrolled into German police. He falls in love with France Horn, a Jewish tailor's daughter, hidden in the county.
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