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affiche Les fables de La Fontaine
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Les fables de La Fontaine


Un film de Alessandro Blasetti, Luis Garcia Berlanga, René Clair, Hervé Bromberger, Louis Grospierre, Fernand Marzelle

Avec Catherine Sela, Georges Poujouly, Claude Dauphin

In this adaptation of some of the writer's poems, his famous animals have taken on human shapes in a comic illustration of mankind's timeless shortcomings and weaknesses.
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affiche Strip-tease
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Un film de Jacques Poitrenaud

Avec Darry Cowl, Krista Nico, Dany Saval

Dancing is Ariane's life. After hard work and disappointment, she finally takes a job as a stripper. Although her livelihood disgusts her, the fame and easy money soon go to her head. Jean-Loup, a wealthy playboy, falls in love with her and gets the better of her pride and indifference. She immediately realizes that she is just a toy for him. During her last strip act, she throws the furs and jewels he has given her in his face.
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affiche Les vierges
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Les vierges


Un film de Jean-Pierre Mocky

Avec Charles Aznavour, Gérard Blain, Jean Poiret

With a funny, fresh outlook, the short features recount the first taste of love for five young girls of very different temperaments, education and social backgrounds.
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Vive Henri IV... Vive l'amour


Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Francis Blanche, Bernard Blier, Pierre Brasseur

At a ballet, the king sees a beautiful stranger, Charlotte de Montmorency. He decides to marry her to his nephew, the Prince de Conde. Once married, the prince takes his wife away from the king's clutches.
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affiche Et ta soeur
© Copyright Gaumont

Et ta soeur


Un film de Maurice Delbez

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Arletty, Sophie Grimaldi

Bastien du Bocage is the managing director of a big parisian newspaper. Lucrèce, his sister and editor of a gossip column, is constantly publishing juicy tidbits about the bigwigs in fashion which keeps landing Bastien in jail. Lucrèce is violently opposed to her niece marrying a young jobless student, but gets trapped by the advice she dishes out in her lonely hearts column and is forced to give in.
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affiche Papa, maman, ma femme et moi
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Papa, maman, ma femme et moi


Un film de Jean-Paul Le Chanois

Avec Robert Lamoureux, Gaby Morlay, Fernand Ledoux

Now, the Langlois family not only includes the parents, Robert and Catherine, but the young couple's four children. Life together is no bed of roses what with the wear and tear of daily life and two pairs of twins. The exasperated parents decide to move out and leave room for the young family. But their grandchildren make them realize their mistake and life goes back to normal.
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Pas de pitié pour les caves


Un film de Henri Lepage

Avec Dora Doll, Colette Ripert, Robert Berri

Charly, a former musician and now a mobster has been living in Montmartre for five years with his wife Jessy, who works as a barmaid in a nightclub. A mob big shot, Fernand, returns from America to settle some issues concerning the white slave trade and drugs. One evening Charly meets a singer, Laurence, who will seriously disrupt his life.
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affiche La belle de Cadix
© Copyright Gaumont

La belle de Cadix


Un film de Raymond Bernard

Avec Luis Mariano, Carmen Sevilla, Thérèse Dorny

During the preparation of a shoot in Spain, Maria Luisa, a gypsy in a nearby camp is hired to cue the leading actor, Carlos. During the shoot, a make-believe marriage is held but everyone thinks it's for real. After the scene, Carlos and Maria have a bitter spat that turns into mutual vows of undying love. Misunderstandings tear them asunder once again. But love vanquishes all and reunites the lovers.
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affiche Un caprice de Caroline cherie
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Un caprice de Caroline cherie


Un film de Jean Devaivre

Avec Martine Carol, Jacques Dacqmine, Marthe Mercadier

Caroline has become the wife of General de Sallanche commander of the French troops garrisoned in Como. The fickle Caroline soon notices a good-looking dancer, Livio. But a rebellion forces her to hide with her husband in the home of a Countess who is all too ready to display her charms. In a rage, Caroline runs away to be with Livio, the rebel chief. The dancer suggests she go to Austria with him, but a repentant Caroline realizes that the whole thing was just the whim of a jealous woman.
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affiche Sa majesté Monsieur Dupont
© Copyright Gaumont

Sa majesté Monsieur Dupont


Un film de Alessandro Blasetti

Avec Franco Fabrizzi, Gaby Morlay, Lucien Baroux

Mr. Dupont, a rich and domineering father, promises his daughter to pick up her first communion dress that a humble seamstress has failed to deliver. However, Fate does its utmost to prevent Mr. Dupont from keeping his promise, tripping him up at every turn. His trials and tribulations make him realize that he had forgotten the simple things in life, until now.
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affiche Parade du temps perdu - Les casse-pieds
© Copyright Gaumont

Parade du temps perdu - Les casse-pieds


Un film de Jean Dréville

Avec Noël-Noël, Marguerite Deval, Jean Tissier

Noël-Noël is giving a lecture on the typical pest. Each case gives rise to a sketch spotlighting Noël-Noël. A the end of this parade of pests, he concludes that every man is fated to be another man's pest.
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affiche Métiers de fous
© Copyright Gaumont

Métiers de fous


Un film de André Hunebelle

Avec Gaby Sylvia, Lisette Lanvin, André Gabriello

Writer's block prevents Claude Martin, a well-known author, from finishing his comedy. This spells disaster for his friend François, a theater manager, who is producing the play. So François takes him to the Riviera and goes to great pains to help Claude unlock his creative imagination.
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Rendez-vous à Paris


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Marguerite Moreno, Marcel Vallée, Paul Faivre

On a cruise, a brooch disappears. Michel Trévines, who is the initial suspect, unmasks the thief, then disembarks in Lisbon. Catherine Laurence, attracted to this mysterious man, hands her necklace over to him and arranges to meet him in Paris. For him she leaves Aubour who attempts suicide.
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affiche Leçon de conduite
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Leçon de conduite


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Odette Joyeux, Gilbert Gil, André Alerme

Micheline - young, lovely and wealthy - lives alone with her father, who gives in to her every childish whim. Jacques and his friends decide to give her a good lesson by shutting her up in a cabin where she is forced to become a household drudge. But real gangsters, in search of ransom, kidnap her. Jacques manages to save the spoiled brat, who has not changed much for the better.
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affiche L'invité de la 11ème heure
© Copyright Gaumont

L'invité de la 11ème heure


Un film de Maurice Cloche

Avec Jean Tissier, Roger Pigaut, Blanchette Brunoy

Rémy Lambert, a scientist, has invented a thought-analyzing machine. He invites his relatives and friends over one evening so he can experiment on them. When they arrive, however, he has been poisoned. The guilty person is among the guests, who all suspect each other. But Lambert is not dead. With the help of his machine, he foils the murderer's scheme. He has only played dead in order to expose the person who hired the killer.
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