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La raison d'état
State Reasons


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Jean Yanne, Monica Vitti, Michel Bouquet

A biologist, Marrot, comes into possession of a document that proves French responsibility in the deaths of 240 African children killed by illegally sold French missile. As soon as he returns, the professor falls victim to a traffic "accident". An Italian friend and collaborator, Angela Ravelli, immediately leaves for Paris to publicly denounce the scandal and struggles in vain to reveal the truth.
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affiche Boulevard du rhum
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Boulevard du rhum


Un film de Robert Enrico

Avec Lino Ventura, Brigitte Bardot, Guy Marchand

During the wild days of Prohibition during the twenties, Cornelius bootlegs rum, with the Coast Guard and American police hot on his trail. After pulling off a big heist, he escapes to Mexico where he discovers the breathtakingly beautiful Linda Larue, star of the silver screen. Cornelius is so spellbound by the lovely actress that he forgets the sea and his commitments until the day he meets his dream girl on a deserted island.
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affiche Laisse aller c'est une valse
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Laisse aller c'est une valse


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean Yanne, Mireille Darc, Michel Constantin

As he is leaving prison Serge is captured by hoods, who want to know where his loot is hidden. His pal Michel saves him from their clutches, and Serge can go back to his lovely wife. The three escape and go to get the jewels, but their plan backfires, they are arrested again. However the police inspector has something else in mind and does not take them back to jail. A thrilling gangster film spoof tinged with grim humor.
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affiche L'homme qui valait des milliards
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L'homme qui valait des milliards


Un film de Michel Boisrond

Avec Frederick Stafford, Raymond Pellegrin, Peter Van Eyck

Sarton, a pretend convict but genuine American Treasury agent, breaks out of jail with Novak. Two men offer the convicts shelter but demand to know where Novak has hidden some counterfeit money and lock him up in a gloomy villa. Escapes and chases alternate before ending in the basement where the loot is stashed. But after a big fight, a fire sparked off by a grenade burns all the bank notes.
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affiche Les barbouzes
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Les barbouzes


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Francis Blanche

A famous arms dealer bequeaths a castle and large collection of patents to his young widow. The problem is that the Secret Services of several different countries want the patents, too. So four secret agents show up to get the priceless documents back. But the French agent Lagneaux, under orders to seduce the blond heiress, will carry the day and fully accomplish his mission.
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affiche Le désert de Pigalle
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Le désert de Pigalle


Un film de Léo Joannon

Avec Annie Girardot, Pierre Trabaud, Michel Etcheverry

Janin works in Pigalle as a young missionary hoping to save a few souls. Thwarted at every turn by Maurice, a Montmartre pimp, the priest gets help from Josy, an independent prostitute. She falls in love with Janin who rejects her. Josy takes her revenge by drawing the priest's young protegee into the underworld.But remorse finally overcomes Josy. When Maurice decides to get back at the priest, she refuses to tell him where Janin is living. Even death will not shake her resolve.
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affiche Nathalie
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Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Martine Carol, Mischa Auer, Michel Piccoli

Nathalie is a model for Boran, a clothes designer. During a fashion parade, a jewel is stolen from a Countess. While inspector Pippart and Marchal, his assistant, are looking for clues, Nathalie finds the brooch, which lands her in a land of trouble. She discovers the Countess's body, is kidnapped and forced to play the dead Countess during a mysterious appointment. But Nathalie manages to escape the gang and unmasks the criminal.
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affiche Action immédiate
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Action immédiate


Un film de Maurice Labro

Avec Henri Vidal, Barbara Laage, Jacques Dacqmine

Francis Coplan, a top-notch intelligence agent, and his charming partner Heidi are investigating the theft of an alloy sample used to make rockets. The investigations will take Coplan from Zurich to Genoa straight into the den of some very powerful spies.
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