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affiche Tout simplement noir
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Tout simplement noir
Simply Black


Un film de Jean-Pascal Zadi , John Wax

Avec Jean-Pascal Zadi , Caroline Anglade , Lilian Thuram

JP, a failed, 40-year-old actor, decides to organize the first large-scale black solidarity march in France. But his often-farcical encounters with influential personalities from the community and the self-serving support he receives from French humorist Fary have him swinging between the desire to be in the limelight and genuine commitment as an activist.
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affiche Ibiza
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Un film de Arnaud Lemort

Avec Christian Clavier, Mathilde Seigner, Joeystarr

Philippe and Carole have just met. They are both recently divorced.Very much in love, Phillipe will do whatever it takes to win over Carole's two teenage kids. He makes a deal with her son: if he passes his final exams and graduates high school, he can choose their summer vacation spot.And... Ibiza it is!Far more used to peaceful holidays in northern France, Philippe is in for the surprise of his life...
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