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affiche L'assassin n'est pas coupable
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L'assassin n'est pas coupable


Un film de René Delacroix

Avec Albert Préjean, Jacqueline Gauthier, Jules Berry

Julien, a clever novelist, has written a screenplay based on various attempted murders, which occurred in a movie studio. But when three young star actors are murdered for real, Julien becomes the prime suspect. To clear himself from the crime, the novelist investigates on his own and identifies the murderers.
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affiche L'homme de Londres
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L'homme de Londres


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Fernand Ledoux, Jules Berry, Jean Brochard

At the Dieppe harbor, Maluin, a switchman, sees two men fight until one drowns and the other runs away. The only thing left is a money-filled bag that Maluin takes and kills to keep. Overcome with remorse, Maluin finally gives himself in to the police.
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affiche Marie-Martine
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Un film de Albert Valentin

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Jules Berry, Saturnin Fabre

The novelist Loïc Limousin has just published his latest work relating Marie-Martine's eventful past. After a tragedy that sent her to jail, she was taken in by a young musician and his sick mother. If the book comes out, Marie-Martine fears the scandal that will threaten her marriage.
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affiche Le voyageur de la Toussaint
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Le voyageur de la Toussaint


Un film de Louis Daquin

Avec Assia Norris, Jules Berry, Gabrielle Dorziat

Gilles Mauvoisin lands in the port of La Rochelle on November 1st. He has come to collect his uncle's inheritance. His relative was an important businessman who pulled the strings of the city. Gilles quickly runs up against the hostility of the local authorities. The uncle also had a lovely young wife, Colette who is suspected of having poisoned her husband. Gilles discovers the real criminal, waives his right to the inheritance, and leaves with the young widow.
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affiche La symphonie fantastique
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La symphonie fantastique


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Lise Delamare, Jean-Louis Barrault

In Paris, circa 1825 - Hector Berlioz drops out of medical school to study music. He composes the 'Symphonie Fantastique' for an actress called Harriett Smithson whom he loves madly. His stubborn devotion touches Harriet who marries him, and they have a son. But Berlioz's string of failures take their toll and his marriage falls apart. At last, he finds happiness with Marie, a retired singer who has always loved him, but she dies of a heart attack.
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affiche L'habit vert
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L'habit vert


Un film de Roger Richebé

Avec Elvire Popesco, Jules Berry, Victor Boucher

The Duchess de Maulévrier has a loving heart, a 'blind' husband and a devoted friend who introduces her to a young man he has just met, the Count de Latour-Latour. The Duchess and the Count become lovers. As the Duke de Maulévrier is a member of the Academy, he is looking to fill a vacant Chair at the distinguished institution. A mix-up prompts the Duke to sponsor the application of his wife's lover.
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affiche Un déjeuner de soleil
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Un déjeuner de soleil


Un film de Marcel Cohen

Avec Gaby Morlay, Jules Berry, Josseline Gael

Manon, an extremely wealthy young woman, asks a destitute man to play her money-spending escort. Pierre does his job very well until he falls in love with Manon. The situation becomes unbearable for him and he leaves. The young woman finds a replacement who squanders all her wealth. Manon goes back to a now wealthy and still love-struck Pierre.
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