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affiche Guy de Maupassant
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Guy de Maupassant


Un film de Michel Drach

Avec Claude Brasseur, Jean Carmet, Miou-Miou

1891, the writer is at the zenith of his fame. The wittiest man about town, he is sought after by every fashionable circles and coveted by all the women. But disaster looms, he is unable to finish his novel "L'Angelus", when he is struck down by a mortal disease, he recalls his childhood memories: the beginning of his literary career, and his passion for women.
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Martin et Lea


Un film de Alain Cavalier

Avec Isabelle Ho, Xavier Saint-Macary, Cécile Le Bailly

Her name is Lea. His is Martin. They meet by chance and spend the night at Lea's. He is a warehouse packer, but he dreams of becoming a classical singer. Lea gets paid by Lucien to provide him with girls like Viviane. Martin moves in with Lea. They split up and get back together again. Then they decide to have a baby.
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affiche Le telephone rose
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Le telephone rose


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Mireille Darc, Pierre Mondy, Michel Lonsdale

Benoît Castegac comes up to Paris to negotiate the sale of his factory to a big American firm. During a dinner organized by the company's representatives, he meets Christine, a woman introduced as the President's niece. She is actually a call girl who has been instructed to soften up the rube. Benoît falls for the set-up, signs all the contracts and goes back to Toulouse. He becomes obsessed with Christine and does his best to see her again.
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affiche Le distrait
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Le distrait


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Bernard Blier, Maria Pacôme

Pierre Malaquet is absent-minded and has a vivid imagination tinged with grim humour. His mother gets him a job with an advertising agency where his blunders keep making the headlines. Meanwhile Pierre realizes he loves his boss's secretary. The boss uses the opportunity to send the troublesome genius and his sweetheart to an unsuspecting colleague in the United States.
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