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affiche Les aventures de Tom Sawyer
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Les aventures de Tom Sawyer


Un film de Wolfgang Liebeneiner

Avec Roland Demongeot, Marc Di Napoli, Lucia Ocrain

Tom and Huck live in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi. The boisterous buddies are always in and out of mischief. One day, a bunch of bad guys bring real trouble their way.
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affiche Les risques du métier
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Les risques du métier


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Jacques Brel, Emmanuelle Riva, René Dary

In a small Norman village, three students accuse their school teacher of sexual molestation. In spite of his denial to the contrary, the teacher is arrested and jailed. Later he is proven innocent, but at what a cost! Jacques Brel in his screen performance as a compelling moving teacher, a victim of teenage girls who, prompted by their irresponsible parents bear false witness against him.
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affiche Le glaive et la balance
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Le glaive et la balance


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Anthony Perkins, Jean-Claude Brialy, Renato Salvatori

A little boy is kidnapped and assassinated. The police pursue the two criminals and arrest them. But when they do, they find they have caught three men, one is innocent. The police detectives cannot tell which two are the guilty parties. The court hands the decision over to the jury but the crowd hands down its own ruthless sentence.
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affiche Maléfices
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Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Juliette Gréco, Jean-Marc Bory, Liselotte Pulver

François, a young veterinarian, makes a house call on a cheetah belonging to a beautiful, mysterious woman from Africa, called Myriam. He becomes her lover. When Myriam asks him to leave his wife Catherine to go off with her, François has second thoughts, an attempt to poison Catherine has upset him. He finally agrees to go away with Myriam but is smitten with remorse during their runaway and leaves Myriam to drown.
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affiche Les yeux sans visage
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Les yeux sans visage


Un film de Georges Franju

Avec Pierre Brasseur, Alida Valli, Juliette Mayniel

Young women keep disappearing. Actually, a famous surgeon has kidnapped them to conduct grafting experiments with their face skin. He wants to restore his daughter Christine's face that was disfigured in a terrible accident. However, each operation is a failure and the police start to look into the disappearances. The officers dangle Paulette as bait but when the scientist kidnaps the young delinquent, the police lose her trail.
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affiche Le miroir a deux faces
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Le miroir a deux faces


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Michèle Morgan, Bourvil, Yvan Desny

Marie-José had hoped to marry her boss, but he preferred her much prettier sister, Véronique. So Marie-José marries Pierre Tardivet and leads a humdrum life for ten years. She meets a famous surgeon by chance when Pierre has an accident. Unbeknown to her husband, Marie-José agrees to have plastic surgery done and then returns home, a completely altered woman. But instead of being delighted with his wife's sudden beauty, Pierre is absolutely furious.
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affiche Marie-Antoinette
© Copyright Gaumont



Un film de Jean Delannoy

Avec Michèle Morgan, Richard Todd, Jacques Morel

This picture is not a biography of the Queen of France but a story, based on historical fact, of the love which bound her to a young Swedish nobleman, Axel de Fersen. The story opens with their first encounter at a fancydress ball at the Opera, when neither knows the true identity of the other. It is only a few days later, when the death of Louis XV has made her Queen, that the young foreigner learns who the lovely unknown of the Opera really is.He leaves shortly afterwards. Four years later he returns to Paris as a Lieutenant in the Swedish dragons. The Queen invites him to Versailles. For fear of compromising the Queen, Fersen leaves for America. A tender correspondence then follows, of which the King is informed. When the Revolution comes, Fersen stays loyal to the Royal couple, in vain.
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affiche Le fils de Caroline cherie
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Le fils de Caroline cherie


Un film de Jean Devaivre

Avec Jean-Claude Pascal, Sophie Desmarets, Brigitte Bardot

Third part of Caroline de Bièvre's saga: a comic account of her son's exploits. Juan d'Andrade thinks he is Spanish and this belief takes him all over Europe during Napoleon's time. His road is paved with combats, duels, ambushes, prison and a swarm of girls, all the way to Spain, the land of his mother.
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Avant le déluge


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Antoine Balpetré, Bernard Blier, Paul Bisciglia

Winter 1950 in France. Five young friends panic over the risks of nuclear war, and take refuge on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific. In order to finance their trip, and without their parents finding out, Daniel, Philippe, Jean, Richard and Liliane commit a robbery that degenerates into a bloodbath...
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affiche Le rideau rouge
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Le rideau rouge


Un film de André Barsacq

Avec Michel Simon, Pierre Brasseur, Monelle Valentin

Bertal, a theater manager, is assassinated in his dressing room just before a performance of Macbeth. There are countless suspects because the victim was a cynical, friendless man. But the police investigation traces the murder occurred in exactly the same way as it does in Shakespeare's play. The only film of the great theater director André Barsacq.
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affiche Le plaisir
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Le plaisir


Un film de Max Ophuls

Avec Claude Dauphin, Gaby Morlay, Madeleine Renaud

The voice of long dead Guy de Maupassant narrates three stories on the same topic: pleasure at odds with love, purity and death.
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affiche Deux sous de violettes
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Deux sous de violettes


Un film de Jean Anouilh

Avec Dany Robin, Hélèna Manson, Henri Crémieux

Jean Anouilh, the most uncompromising playwright of his time, has directed a story relating the tragic fate of a seventeen year old girl. Thérèse is the constant target of men's leers and lewd intentions. Convinced love has finally come her way, she becomes André's mistress. He talks about marrying Thérèse but abandons her after getting her pregnant. In spite of it all, the young flower girl still dreams of happiness
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Justice est faite
Justice Is Done


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Michel Auclair, Antoine Balpetré, Raymond Bussières

Elsa, a young woman who had performed euthanasia on her lover, is on trial. There ensues an analysis of the functioning and behavior of jurists, prisoners of their personal lives, habits, and secrets The jurists debate about whether to decide that Elsa killed her husband to put an end to his suffering or that she killed him for personal reasons, having fallen in love with another man.
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affiche François Villon
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François Villon


Un film de André Zwobada

Avec Serge Reggiani, Renée Faure, Michel Vitold

A very free adaptation of the life of François Villon. The famous French poet is both a young master delighting Paris students and an accomplice of a gang of thieves and assassins. He is every ready for romantic or bloody adventures and has but few morals. However, a sudden virtuous action brings about his downfall.
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affiche L'escalier sans fin
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L'escalier sans fin


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Madeleine Renaud, Suzy Carrier

Emilienne devotes her time to a young man who has always led a depraved life. Her strict admonitions in an attempt to instill honorable values in the man are to no avail. The young man changes his ways after meeting Anne, her young sister, and true love grows between the two. Emilienne's jealousy drives her to try and separate the two, but in vain. She finally realizes where her duty lies and devotes her life to relieving the suffering of others.
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