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affiche Pas de problème
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Pas de problème


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Miou-Miou, Jean Lefebvre, Bernard Menez

One night, a badly injured stranger rushes into Anita's apartment and then drops down dead on the carpet. When the panic-stricken young woman rushes out to get help, she runs across Jean-Pierre, who hides the corpse in the trunk of his father's car. Unfortunately, his father comes back early from a trip and, completely unaware of the contents of his trunk, immediatly takes off for Switzerland. Determined to set things straight, Jean-Pierre and Anita go after him.
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affiche Le distrait
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Le distrait


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Bernard Blier, Maria Pacôme

Pierre Malaquet is absent-minded and has a vivid imagination tinged with grim humour. His mother gets him a job with an advertising agency where his blunders keep making the headlines. Meanwhile Pierre realizes he loves his boss's secretary. The boss uses the opportunity to send the troublesome genius and his sweetheart to an unsuspecting colleague in the United States.
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affiche Les enquêteurs associés
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Les enquêteurs associés


Un film de Tatsuo Yamada, Serge Korber, Gilles Grangier, Jean Salvy

Avec Maria Pacôme, Maria Latour, Richard Guirond-Darbois

The offbeat adventures of four unlikely righters of wrongs - a Countess, an air steward, a young woman, and a versatile young man.
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affiche Les jeux de l'amour
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Les jeux de l'amour


Un film de Philippe de Broca

Avec Jean-Pierre Cassel, Geneviève Cluny, Jean-Louis Maury

Suzanne, a young antique dealer, has been living with Victor for a year. François is their neighbour and friend. Suzanne would like to get married and have children but Victor is happy with their life and won't budge. François is secretly in love with Suzanne so he proposes to give her everything that Victor won't. Suzanne rejects him because she loves Victor but finally gives in making Victor realize how much he really does love Suzanne.
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Voulez-vous danser avec moi ?
Come Dance With Me


Un film de Michel Boisrond

Avec Brigitte Bardot, Henri Vidal, Noël Roquevert

Hervé, a seductive dentist, is married to Virginie Decauville-Lachenée. Her father is a rich industrialist. After an argument, Virginie slams the door in his face, and to console himself, he goes to see Anita, whose favorite occupation is blackmailing husbands. While trying to recuperate some compromising photos, Hervé stumbles across the adventuress' corpse. And now he's in a pretty pickle.
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