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affiche Gloria
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Un film de Claude Autant-Lara

Avec Valérie Jeannet, Sophie Grimaldi, Nicole Maurey

Two children, Jacques and Gloria, love each other as only children do. But World War II is declared and Gloria is sent to a Swiss boarding school while Jacques emigrates with his grandfather to the United States. Beset by increasing financial difficulties, Gloria goes back to her mother's and earns a living by dancing in a cabaret. One evening, Jacques is in the audience, he recognizes the woman he has always loved.
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affiche Le cri du cormoran le soir au-dessus des jonques
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Le cri du cormoran le soir au-dessus des jonques


Un film de Michel Audiard

Avec Michel Serrault, Bernard Blier, Paul Meurisse

Alfred is asked to play dead by a criminal gang, headed by a certain Mister K., so they can use his corpse to smuggle diamonds into Istanbul. Alfred refuses to go along the plan and escapes Mr. K.'s gang only to be captured by the bandit Kruger who wants to get his hands on the jacket with the hidden diamonds. Alfred is just a plaything kidnapped first by one gang and then by the other in a merry-go-round of lost and found. The police eventually get wind of what is going on and save Alfred.
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affiche Fleur d'oseille
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Fleur d'oseille


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Mireille Darc, Anouk Ferjac, Henri Garcin

The police shoot and kill a wanted robber. His mistress Catherine, after having his baby, goes to a home for single mothers where the police, his accomplices, and a rival gang show up, all in pursuit of the money. Catherine doesn't know anything or so she says. But she tells another boarder about a secret hiding place. The two women take their babies and go off to find the stash.
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affiche La grande sauterelle
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La grande sauterelle


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Mireille Darc, Hardy Kruger, Maurice Biraud

Carl flees to Beirut to escape Marco, a hitman. In Beirut, he meets his friend Alfred who suggests they rob the millionaire Grubert when he leaves the casino. But Marco turns up, upsetting their plan. Carl drops his questionable accomplices to go back in the sun of Cyclades with a beautiful long-legged blonde. A suspense filled cocktail laced with fun and spiced with Michel Audiard's dialogues.
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affiche Le monte-charge
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Le monte-charge


Un film de Marcel Bluwal

Avec Robert Hossein, Léa Massari, Maurice Biraud

Robert meets Marthe when he gets out of prison. The young woman takes him to her apartment where, in fact, she has just murdered her husband. By arranging a clever set-up involving two apartments, one with a corpse, the other without, she has fixed it so Robert will be her alibi. But a small detail fouls her up.
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affiche Un taxi pour Tobrouk
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Un taxi pour Tobrouk
Taxi for Tobruk


Un film de Denys de la Patellière

Avec Lino Ventura, Charles Aznavour, Hardy Kruger

Tobrouk, October 1942, a French commando blows up a German gas depot. Four French soldiers survive the operation and manage to get away but are soon lost in the desert. After an exhausting day-long march, they spot five Germans in an armored car, only one is spared and made prisoner. The start of a surprising adventure where, in the face of danger, the men discover the meaning of solidarity.
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affiche Quai des blondes
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Quai des blondes


Un film de Paul Cadeac

Avec Michel Auclair, Barbara Laage, Madeleine Lebeau

An illicit cigarette traffic is running rampant in the Mediterranean, triggering off clashes between Ferrer's and Lucky Esposito's two crews. When Ferrer is taken to the cleaner's by the rival gang, he wants revenge. During his perilous adventures, he meets the singer Barbara, who saves his life, while the police take over and wipe out Lucky's gang.
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