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affiche Van Gogh
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Van Gogh


Un film de Maurice Pialat

Avec Jacques Dutronc, Alexandra London, Gérard Séty

After leaving the asylum, Vincent Van Gogh settles in Auvers-sur-Oise, in the home of Doctor Gachet, an art lover and patron. Vincent keeps painting amidst the conflicts with his brother Theo and the torments of his failing mental health. He has an affair with Marguerite, his host's daughter. However, she soon realizes that he doesn't love her and that his heart beats only for his art.
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affiche Police
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Un film de Maurice Pialat

Avec Gérard Depardieu, Sophie Marceau, Richard Anconina

Inspector Maugin is constantly on the trail of small drug dealers. During a police raid, he meets Noria, a dealer's girlfriend, and falls in love with her. She becomes his mistress, which puts her life in danger. A troubling Sophie Marceau matched with a moving Gerard Depardieu as the tough cop.
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L'enfance nue


Un film de Maurice Pialat

Avec Raoul Billerey, Maurice Coussonneau, Pierrette Deplanque

François, a ten-year-old, abandoned child, was entrusted to the foster-care system. He lives with a host family in Lens in northern France: the Joignys who have a daughter, Josette. François usually gets into trouble and is even cruel to the family cat. Tired of his incontrollable behavior, the Joignys call the special educator and ask him to find a new home for François. François is then sent to live with an elderly couple, the Thierrys, the husband of which is a former resistance fighter and a retired miner. At "Gram and Pap's," François discovers a whole new family with a fifteen-year-old boy, Raoul, who is also a child of the French foster-car system. François seems to fit into this warm family. Yet once again, he commits new offenses, so he is sent to a rehabilitation center. The Thierrys receive a letter from him, in which he promises to do his best to return home for Christmas...
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affiche Quand passent les faisans
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Quand passent les faisans


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Paul Meurisse, Bernard Blier, Jean Lefebvre

Larsan Bellac, a high class con artist, hires two sleazy gangsters to help him with his next operation. Thanks to his brains and skill, the threesome rip off a wealthy public works contractor. But a rich widow falls in love with the smart con man, takes him to her castle and steals the loot. Bellac is so disgusted that he takes French leave just before the berserk contractor shows up and wreaks a grisly revenge.
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