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affiche Un petit boulot
© Copyright Gaumont

Un petit boulot
Odd Job


Un film de Pascal Chaumeil

Avec Romain Duris, Michel Blanc, Alice Belaïdi

Jacques lives in a small town. When the factory where he works closes down, it is the beginning of the end for him: his girlfriend Cathie leaves him and he finds himself struggling while waiting for better days that may never come. One day, André Gardot, a local bookmaker whom Jacques knows for having participated in a few of his illegal poker games, turns up. Gardot offers him a job: to take care of the murder of his wife for 20,000 euros. After hesitating briefly, Jacques accepts...
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affiche Je vous trouve très beau
© Gaumont

Je vous trouve très beau
You are so handsome


Un film de Isabelle Mergault

Avec Michel Blanc, Medeea Marinescu, Wladimir Yordanoff

Aymé, a farmer, has a hard time to recover from his wife's death. He was not that much attached to her but she was quite a handy worker. Since she's dead, Aymé can't cope with the domestic works: the dishes piled up, the housework is not done, well ... he urgently needs a wife. But to meet a woman in an isolated village is not that easy. Aymé decides to have recourse to a matrimonial agency. When she understands Aymé is not looking for love but for a housekeeper, the manager of the agency proposes him to go to Romania where girls are up to everything to leave the misery they live in behind. In Romania, he meets Elena. Aymé ignores that leaving for Romania, he will bring back more than he was looking for there.
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affiche Grosse fatigue
© Copyright Gaumont

Grosse fatigue


Un film de Michel Blanc

Avec Michel Blanc, Carole Bouquet, Philippe Noiret

The story of a film star whose life comes undone when he is upstaged by a look-alike intent on the star's very persona. The actor gets enmeshed in a web of fantastic predicaments before he is able to to see clear through the usurper's designs. A fight to the death ensues between the two men...
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affiche Toxic affair
© Copyright Gaumont

Toxic affair


Un film de Philomène Esposito

Avec Isabelle Adjani, Clémentine Célarié, Sergio Castellitto

Pénélope is a neurotic hypochondriac who feels unloved. Her lover cannot stand her anymore and walks out on her one night. A lost and lonely Pénélope goes to stay with her friend Sophie and tells her all about her woes, anxieties and failed suicide attempts. Though Sophie puts up with her friend, her mind is elsewhere. She knows she is about to meet the love of her life and, by the luck of the draw, Pénélope turns out to be the go-between.
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affiche Je hais les acteurs
© Copyright Gaumont

Je hais les acteurs


Un film de Gérard Krawczyk

Avec Jean Poiret, Michel Blanc, Bernard Blier

Hollywood, 1942: the assassination of three actors playing in a movie being shot at the Empire Studios throws the whole production topsy-turvy. The producer hands the investigation over to his screenwriters who immediately come up with a list of suspects. In the end, a reporter resolves the mystery and unmasks the murderer disguised as a fakir. An adaptation of Ben Hecht's famous novel.
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affiche Des enfants gates
© Copyright Gaumont

Des enfants gates


Un film de Bertrand Tavernier

Avec Michel Piccoli, Christine Pascal, Michel Aumont

Film-maker Bernard Rougerie whose psychotherapist wife takes care of disabled children shuts himself off in a new, high-rise apartment, to write a screenplay. But he is not to enjoy the quiet life. On his very first night at the apartment, his neighbors, including an unemployed young woman called Anne, invite him to attend a meeting of the building tenants. Bernard finds Anne so appealing that he gets bogged down with the tenants' rightful claims against their greedy landlords.
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affiche On aura tout vu
© Copyright Gaumont

On aura tout vu


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Pierre Richard, Miou-Miou, Jean-Pierre Marielle

François Perrin is a jobless director, reduced to shooting a pornographic film. As his wife cannot prevent him from taking the dirty job, she decides to shame him by asking for a part in the production. Her audition is quite a sight... A film that pokes gentle fun advice immoderate fad of the seventies that rated the first X's in film history.
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