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affiche Le coup du parapluie
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Le coup du parapluie


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Pierre Richard, Gert Froebe, Valérie Mairesse

On his way to an audition for the part of a hitman, Grégoire blunders into the wrong room and signs a contract with the Mafia. The actor's mission: to kill a wealthy arm dealer with a poison tipped umbrella during a party at a St-Tropez hotel. Grégoire, convinced the "plot" is part of the film script, takes off to the Riviera completely unaware of the impending dangers.
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affiche Le pacha
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Le pacha


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean Gabin, Dany Carrel, Jean Gaven

Chief Inspector Joss is terribly cut up by the death of his partner Gouvion, who was killed during a hold-up. To avenge his friend, he devises the perfect frame-up: he lets two gangs in on the same job and then sits back as they kill each other off. Once the French underworld is cleaned out, Joss can rest content and retire.
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