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affiche La loi de Murphy
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La loi de Murphy
Murphy's law


Un film de Christophe Campos

Avec Pio Marmaï, Omar Sy, Jean-Michel Noirey

In a few hours, Elias will complete his two-year conditional sentence, during which he has been working as an ER nurse. What was supposed to be a great evening turns into a disaster when one of his former accomplices, Rudy, shows up in his service after being in a car accident. He had been running from the fearsome Ortega brothers, having had the extremely bad idea of stealing their haul after a big job at a diamond merchant's. Quickly realizing that the stolen diamonds are hidden in his hospital, Elias has one night to be the first to find them and save his friend's life. In a hospital teeming with police and evil gangsters, he's going to have to be extremely clever.
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affiche Les deux mondes
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Les deux mondes
Two worlds


Un film de Daniel Cohen

Avec Benoît Poelvoorde, Natacha Lindinger, Michel Duchaussoy

Rémy Bassano, a quiet and humble craftsman in Paris, becomes, despite himself, the liberator of an oppressed tribe in another world. The absolute, blind veneration he receives from the entire population will help him discover unsuspected inner resources...
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affiche La mentale
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La mentale


Un film de Manuel Boursinhac

Avec Samuel Le Bihan, Samy Naceri, Clotilde Courau

Dris is back with his family after several years in jail. He wants to go straight and put his delinquent past behind him. He moves in with Lise, the loving woman who waited for him. They would like to build a life together but his former associates have other plans. It is hard to escape 'The Code', the law for those living outside the law.
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affiche Cache-cash
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Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Georges Wilson, Michel Duchaussoy, Rose Thiery

Eleven year old Antoine is spending his holidays with his grandfather in the country. One night, from a perch in his cabin, Antoine spies thieves stashing their loot away on an island in the pond. He secures the 40 millions, sending the bogus tourists into a panic. However his new friend Liza is the daughter of one of the hoods, suddenly the children are in dire straits. Their flight from danger turns into a joyful outing until a cold-blooded killer picks up their trail.
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Milou en mai


Un film de Louis Malle

Avec Michel Piccoli, Miou-Miou, Michel Duchaussoy

1968. Emile 'Milou' Vieuzac lives with his mother in the middle-class family home in Gers. She dies abruptly of an heart attack which leads to the family gathering. While the student riot takes place in Paris, the family is arguing about the heritage.
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affiche Le retour du grand blond
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Le retour du grand blond


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Pierre Richard, Mireille Darc, Jean Rochefort

After a host of misadventures, the Big Blond Guy, the charming Catherine by his side, has left for Brazil wearing his black shoe and carrying his violin. Tough Toulouse's killers are too ham-handed to upset this Guy's well-deserved holiday. Everything would be fine if, in Paris, a lowly police captain with an acute sense of justice, weren't investigating Milan's bizarre death. Colonel Toulouse has a major problem when the Big Blond Guy returns... And everything starts all over again.
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