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affiche L'invité surprise
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L'invité surprise


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Victor Lanoux, Eric Blanc, Jean Carmet

Martin witnesses the explosion of a booby-trapped car, he even has a photograph of the alleged terrorist. He then suddenly becomes a sitting duck for the media who want him to talk and for the Secret Service who want him to shut up. In self-protection, he decides to handle the investigation himself, spreading mayhem in the process. Martin manages, nevertheless, to unravel the murky affair.
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affiche Twist again a Moscou
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Twist again a Moscou


Un film de Jean-Marie Poiré

Avec Philippe Noiret, Christian Clavier, Martin Lamotte

In Russia, a young dissident and his sweetheart, a famous rock n' roll singer are wanted by the K.G.B.. They ask Igor, a rich well-to-do who has been put in charge of a grand hotel in Moscow by the Party, for help and protection. Meanwhile, a finicky inspector has been charged with investigating the bizarre management of the establishment. A frenzy of bedlam and unintentional gags ensue, climaxing in mayhem.
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affiche On a retrouvé la septième compagnie
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On a retrouvé la septième compagnie


Un film de Robert Lamoureux

Avec Jean Lefebvre, Pierre Mondy, Henri Guybet

May 1940. The survivors of the 7th Company are still in a muddle on board an armored car accidentally stolen from the enemy. They help their imprisoned company to escape and lead it south. The three men, considered as heroes, scout ahead with their vehicle, but new adventures await them at every turn.
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affiche Le retour du grand blond
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Le retour du grand blond


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Pierre Richard, Mireille Darc, Jean Rochefort

After a host of misadventures, the Big Blond Guy, the charming Catherine by his side, has left for Brazil wearing his black shoe and carrying his violin. Tough Toulouse's killers are too ham-handed to upset this Guy's well-deserved holiday. Everything would be fine if, in Paris, a lowly police captain with an acute sense of justice, weren't investigating Milan's bizarre death. Colonel Toulouse has a major problem when the Big Blond Guy returns... And everything starts all over again.
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affiche Le distrait
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Le distrait


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Bernard Blier, Maria Pacôme

Pierre Malaquet is absent-minded and has a vivid imagination tinged with grim humour. His mother gets him a job with an advertising agency where his blunders keep making the headlines. Meanwhile Pierre realizes he loves his boss's secretary. The boss uses the opportunity to send the troublesome genius and his sweetheart to an unsuspecting colleague in the United States.
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