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affiche Je hais les acteurs
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Je hais les acteurs


Un film de Gérard Krawczyk

Avec Jean Poiret, Michel Blanc, Bernard Blier

Hollywood, 1942: the assassination of three actors playing in a movie being shot at the Empire Studios throws the whole production topsy-turvy. The producer hands the investigation over to his screenwriters who immediately come up with a list of suspects. In the end, a reporter resolves the mystery and unmasks the murderer disguised as a fakir. An adaptation of Ben Hecht's famous novel.
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affiche Le coup du parapluie
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Le coup du parapluie


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Pierre Richard, Gert Froebe, Valérie Mairesse

On his way to an audition for the part of a hitman, Grégoire blunders into the wrong room and signs a contract with the Mafia. The actor's mission: to kill a wealthy arm dealer with a poison tipped umbrella during a party at a St-Tropez hotel. Grégoire, convinced the "plot" is part of the film script, takes off to the Riviera completely unaware of the impending dangers.
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affiche Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles
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Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Jean Lefebvre, Michel Galabru

One fine day in a little village in France, a group of hippies show up and park their collapsible houses and noisy motorcycles on the green. At first the hippies are at loggerheads with the villagers, and the two groups often clash. But a murder and a birth precipitate events and spark off an astounding adventure for the whole village, which unites the peasants and hippies in a lasting friendship.
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affiche Les deux orphelines
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Les deux orphelines


Un film de Riccardo Freda

Avec Sophie Darès, Valéria Ciangottini, Mike Marshall

Two orphans go to Paris. Upon their arrival, the young girls are suddenly separated. Henriette is saved from kidnapping by a young knight, Roger de Vaudrey. A beggar, La Frochard, gets her claws on Louise, who is blind, and puts her to work. With the help of Roger, Henriette sets out to find her sister. They have to overcome the objections of Roger's uncle, shake off police harassment, and foil Frochard's plots before reaching their goal.
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