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affiche Play
© Copyright Gaumont



Un film de Anthony Marciano

Avec Max Boublil, Alice Isaaz, Malik Zidi

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affiche Demain et tous les autres jours
© Copyright Gaumont

Demain et tous les autres jours
Tomorrow and Thereafter


Un film de Noémie Lvovsky

Avec Noémie Lvovsky, Mathieu Almaric, Luce Rodriguez

Mathilde is ten years old. Her parents are separated and she lives alone with her mother. Her mother is disturbed and has trouble coping with the real world. Mathilde can see that others consider her mother crazy, but to her it's day-to-day life. She protects her mother. She can sense the threat of separation, without knowing when or how it could take place. She does all she can to forestall it, fully aware that all her efforts are doomed to fail.
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affiche Chocolat
© Gaumont 2015



Un film de Roschdy Zem

Avec Omar Sy, James Thierrée, Clotilde Hesme

From circus to theater, from anonymity to fame, the incredible destiny of Chocolat the clown (Omar Sy), the first black stage performer in France.The unprecedented duo he forms with Footit (James Thierrée) is very popular in Belle Epoque Paris, until easy money, gambling and discrimination take their toll on their friendship and Chocolat's career.The singular story of an exceptional artist.
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affiche Camille redouble
© 2011 Arnaud Borrel / F comme Film / Ciné @

Camille redouble
Camille rewinds


Un film de Noémie Lvovsky

Avec Noémie Lvovsky, Samir Guesmi, Julia Faure

Camille was sixteen years old when she met Eric. They fell madly in love and had a daughter...25 years later: Eric is leaving Camille for a younger woman.That's New Year's Eve, and Camille suddenly finds herself back in her past.She is sixteen again and has returned to her parents, her girlfriends, her childhood... and Eric.Will she flee and try to change the course of their lives? Will she fall in love with him again, even though she knows how their story will end?
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