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affiche Papi-Sitter
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Pappy Sitter


Un film de Philippe Guillard

Avec Gérard Lanvin, Olivier Marchal, Camille Aguilar

Franck and Karine are offered a job on a cruise ship they can't refuse.The only problem: Their daughter Camille has to study for her finals but has other ideas of fun in mind instead...No problem! To straighten his daughter out and set her to work, Franck calls on his father André, a retired captain from the national police, hopelessly uptight and rigid. With military discipline, Camille's finals will be a success!But this is the moment when the second grandfather Teddy, an eccentric and wild former nightclub manager and the total opposite of the strict André, chooses to return after many years abroad... Living together promises to be complicated...
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affiche Ibiza
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Un film de Arnaud Lemort

Avec Christian Clavier, Mathilde Seigner, Joeystarr

Philippe and Carole have just met. They are both recently divorced.Very much in love, Phillipe will do whatever it takes to win over Carole's two teenage kids. He makes a deal with her son: if he passes his final exams and graduates high school, he can choose their summer vacation spot.And... Ibiza it is!Far more used to peaceful holidays in northern France, Philippe is in for the surprise of his life...
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affiche Le fils à Jo
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Le fils à Jo
Jo's boy


Un film de Philippe Guillard

Avec Gérard Lanvin, Olivier Marchal, Vincent Moscato

Grandson of a rugby legend, son of a rugby legend and a rugby legend himself, Jo Canavaro is raising his thirteen-year-old son, Tom, on his own in a small village in the south-west of France.Much to Jo's disappointment, Tom is as good at math as he is bad on a rugby field. For Canaravo, the family legend cannot end now, even if it means starting a rugby team just for Tom... despite the opposition of the entire village... and even that of his own son!
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affiche 36 quai des Orfèvres
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36 quai des Orfèvres


Un film de Olivier Marchal

Avec Daniel Auteuil, Gérard Depardieu, André Dussollier

Paris. For several months an incredibly violent gang has been successfully holding up armored bank vans. The Chief of Police, Robert MANCINI, has been quite frank with the two lieutenants under his command, Léo VRINKS, the head of the BRI*, and Denis KLEIN, the head of BRB*: whoever manages to bust this gang will replace him as the "Chief" at Police HQ, 36, Quai des Orfèvres. The fight is on between these two supercops, who once were friends, and are now at odds about everything: their private lives, their methods, the collaborators and especially a woman, Camille VRINKS...*BRB: Brigade de Répression du Banditisme (roughly the equivalent of the Anti-Gang Squad)*BRI: Brigade de Recherche et d'Intervention (roughly the equivalent of the OCU, the Organized Crime Unit)
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