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affiche Le cri du cormoran le soir au-dessus des jonques
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Le cri du cormoran le soir au-dessus des jonques


Un film de Michel Audiard

Avec Michel Serrault, Bernard Blier, Paul Meurisse

Alfred is asked to play dead by a criminal gang, headed by a certain Mister K., so they can use his corpse to smuggle diamonds into Istanbul. Alfred refuses to go along the plan and escapes Mr. K.'s gang only to be captured by the bandit Kruger who wants to get his hands on the jacket with the hidden diamonds. Alfred is just a plaything kidnapped first by one gang and then by the other in a merry-go-round of lost and found. The police eventually get wind of what is going on and save Alfred.
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affiche Quand passent les faisans
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Quand passent les faisans


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Paul Meurisse, Bernard Blier, Jean Lefebvre

Larsan Bellac, a high class con artist, hires two sleazy gangsters to help him with his next operation. Thanks to his brains and skill, the threesome rip off a wealthy public works contractor. But a rich widow falls in love with the smart con man, takes him to her castle and steals the loot. Bellac is so disgusted that he takes French leave just before the berserk contractor shows up and wreaks a grisly revenge.
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affiche Moi et les hommes de 40 ans
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Moi et les hommes de 40 ans


Un film de Jack Pinoteau

Avec Dany Saval, Paul Meurisse, Michel Serrault

A pretty twenty year old manicurist, Caroline, has her hopes dashed by her boyfriend, Maxime. So she decides to accept all the come-ons from the parade of forty year-olds who come to the beauty salon where she works. Caroline gets caught up in a series of outlandish capers, surrounded by graying, mostly married gentlemen, and ends up accidentally engaged to a millionaire. But her heart still belongs to Maxime who helps her out of the jam.
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affiche Du mouron pour les petits oiseaux
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Du mouron pour les petits oiseaux


Un film de Marcel Carné

Avec Dany Saval, Paul Meurisse, Suzy Delair

Mr Armand is now the respectable owner of a building. He has carefully kept a stash of bank notes from his former life as a robber. One of his tenants, an elderly aristocrat suddenly dies. When an Inspector shows up to investigate, Mr Armand decides to leave Paris. He takes his money and another tenant, Lucy, along. The grasping young woman has found out about the stash and wants to get her hands on it.
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affiche Guinguette
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Un film de Jean Delannoy

Avec Zizi Jeanmaire, Jean-Claude Pascal, Paul Meurisse

'Guinguette', a former prostitute, has finally fulfilled a lifelong dream by buying an open-air café on the outskirts of Paris. She lives there with a friend and her daughter, Maryse. Guinguette falls in love with Marco, a petty car thief. One of Marco's buddies hides a stolen Jaguar in the young woman's café. Maryse discovers the car and tries to blackmail Marco. The next morning, the drowned body of Maryse is discovered.
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affiche Le septième ciel
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Le septième ciel


Un film de Raymond Bernard

Avec Danielle Darrieux, Noël-Noël, Paul Meurisse

Brigitte de Lédouville is the widow and heiress of a brewer. She seduces, swindles and does away with close to a dozen gangsters to finance her many charities. However, when Mr. Villa slated to become the twelfth 'benefactor' shows up, he turns the tables on her and Brigitte finds herself paying for having meted out Divine Justice, in very strange coin.
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affiche L'affaire des poisons
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L'affaire des poisons


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Danielle Darrieux, Viviane Romance, Paul Meurisse

Paris, 1676, Madame de Montespan, the mistress of the Sun King, fears she'll lose his affections to youthful Mademoiselle de Fontanges. Madame de Montespan with help from well-known medium La Voisin poisons her young rival. La Voisin and Mademoiselle Desoeillets, Mme de Montespan lady's maid, are arrested and sentenced to death. Madame de Montespan promises to save the medium's life in exchange for her silence. But La Voisin's gullibility causes her downfall while innocent Mademoiselle Desoeillets is saved in the nick of time.
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affiche La ferme aux loups
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La ferme aux loups


Un film de Richard Pottier

Avec François Périer, Paul Meurisse, Martine Carol

When an old beggar is found dead, the story is assigned to two young reporters, Bastien and Furet. By chance, they find an identical corpse in a house called 'The Wolf Farm'. In the course of their investigation, they discover that the farm used to belong to the beggar's wealthy twin who had been murdered by his brother in an attempt to take his place. But who killed the beggar? Bastien devises a clever trap that uncovers the murderer.
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