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affiche Trente et quarante
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Trente et quarante


Un film de Gilles Grangier

Avec Georges Guétary, Martine Carol, Jeanne Fusier-Gir

In the XIXth Century, at the height of the Carnival, Madeleine falls in love with a young Italian nobleman, Count Mario de Miranda. A moment's breath and they lose sight of each other, meet again and leave for Monte Carlo. Their love, thwarted for a time by an authoritarian father, unites them forever.
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affiche Vautrin
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Un film de Pierre Billon

Avec Michel Simon, Madeleine Sologne, Georges Marchal

Vautrin called "The Cheater of the Death", escapes a penitentiary and heads toward Paris disguised as a Spanish priest. On the way, he meets young Lucien wallowing in the self-pity of his poverty. Vautrin takes him in hand and, in a few weeks, turns the young man into the most sought after dandy in the capital. Vautrin organizes Lucien's life and finds a wife for him, but he cannot dampen Lucien's ardour for another woman. Based on Honoré de Balzac's novel, « Splendeur et Misère des Courtisanes ».
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affiche Jeannou
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Un film de Léon Poirier

Avec Michèle Alfa, Roger Duchesne, Mireille Perrey

Jeannou lives in near solitude with her father in a castle in Périgord. She discovers love with the arrival of Pierre, a young engineer. But her father refuses to agree to their marriage, and Pierre leaves for Paris. An exasperated Jeannou joins Pierre to lead the exciting city life. After several months, she begins to miss her estate and returns to her father's home where, in the end, her marriage is celebrated.
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affiche Le journal tombe à cinq heures
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Le journal tombe à cinq heures


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Marie Déa, Pierre Renoir

Helen is a cub reporter for a large evening newspaper. The editor-in-chief teams her up with Rabaud for a series of investigative news reports. By the time their job is over, the two young people have fallen in love.
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affiche Le dernier des six
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Le dernier des six


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Michèle Alfa, Suzy Delair

Six friends share a small amount of money, decide to separate for five years and meet again to split the hoarded bundle. Five years later, one after the other, four of them are murdered. The case is assigned to Inspector Wens who is sure that the murderer is one of the original six who wants to keep the stash for himself. The policeman discovers the criminal, one of the murdered men who simulated his own death to carry out his murderous scheme without fear of reprisal.
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affiche Alexis gentleman chauffeur
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Alexis gentleman chauffeur


Un film de Max de Vaucorbeil

Avec Suzy Prim, André Luguet, Raymond Cordy

Alexis, a veteran pilot, once entered the Paris-Tokyo long-distance raid and lost. He is now a taxi driver. Movie actress Margot Fontane forgets her bag in his taxi giving Alexis an opportunity to get acquainted. During a shoot with the great actress, he is hired to play a bit-part as an aviator. For a plane take-off tryout, he flies all the way to Tokyo - a nonstop flight to happiness for the lovebirds.
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affiche L'alibi
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Un film de Pierre Chenal

Avec Erich Von Stroheim, Louis Jouvet, Jany Holt

Professor Winckler murders his wife's lover. The Master of Black Magic then gives a huge sum of money to Hélène, a taxi-girl in a nightclub where he works, to say that she had spent the fateful night in his company. Hélène accepts at first but when she learns of the crime, she wants to back out of the deal. Winckler scares her so badly with his threats that she agrees to keep her mouth shut. A young inspector suspecting a fake alibi courts the young woman to get her to tell the truth.
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affiche Le roman d'un tricheur
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Le roman d'un tricheur


Un film de Sacha Guitry

Avec Sacha Guitry, Marguerite Moreno, Jacqueline Delubac

A little boy steals 8 pennies from his parents and becomes an orphan. He was deprived of mushrooms at dinner as punishment for the theft, but they turned out to be poisonous. He later becomes a hunter, groom, croupier, and professional cheater. Fortune is his constant companion but he then acquires a taste for gambling. He loses all the money he won cheating during an honest game.
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affiche Les yeux noirs
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Les yeux noirs


Un film de Victor Tourjansky

Avec Harry Baur, Simone Simon, Jean-Max

In 1913, in Russia, a widower and also headwaiter in a restaurant that is actually a trysting place has managed to keep his job a secret from his daughter. A banker takes her to the restaurant in the hopes of seducing the young woman. Her father, who is well familiar with the customer's decadent lifestyle, immediately send his daughter home. The unhappy woman finds solace in the true love of her piano teacher.
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