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affiche Cousin cousine
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Cousin cousine


Un film de Jean-Charles Tacchella

Avec Marie-Christine Barrault, Victor Lanoux, Marie-France Pisier

Marthe and Ludovic become cousins-in-law and find they share failed marriages. She is married to a poor man's Don Juan and he is wed to an air-head who spends her time between her psychoanalyst and rest cures. Their fond complicity soon turns into love. Louis Delluc Award, 1976. 3 Academy Award nominations
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affiche Laisse aller c'est une valse
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Laisse aller c'est une valse


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Jean Yanne, Mireille Darc, Michel Constantin

As he is leaving prison Serge is captured by hoods, who want to know where his loot is hidden. His pal Michel saves him from their clutches, and Serge can go back to his lovely wife. The three escape and go to get the jewels, but their plan backfires, they are arrested again. However the police inspector has something else in mind and does not take them back to jail. A thrilling gangster film spoof tinged with grim humor.
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