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affiche Les quarantiemes rugissants
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Les quarantiemes rugissants


Un film de Christian de Chalonge

Avec Julie Christie, Jacques Perrin, Michel Serrault

Julien Dantec, an electronics specialist, decides to sail in the solo boat race around the world. Encouraged by Barnal, his backer, Julien enters the race although he is insufficiently prepared and is quickly outdistanced. However Barnal falsifies the boat's real position and reports Julien in the lead. Caught up in the hoax, Julien quits the official route and sets sail directly for Cape Horn. However Julien can no longer bear living the lie and slowly goes mad
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affiche La 7eme compagnie au clair de lune
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La 7eme compagnie au clair de lune


Un film de Robert Lamoureux

Avec Jean Lefebvre, Pierre Mondy, Henri Guybet

Occupied France. The three heroes of the 7th Company have been demobilized after their escape. Chief Choudard has gone back to his hardware store and invites his two former war buddies to visit. After a series of mishaps and perils, the three men unwittingly become members of the Resistance and manage to reach unoccupied France.
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