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affiche Un seul amour
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Un seul amour


Un film de Pierre Blanchar

Avec Pierre Blanchar, Micheline Presle, Julien Bertheau

Fifty years after the death of a Countess, the new owners arrive at the de Clergue castle. As they wander through hallways and rooms, they end up in the blue room where door to a closet is walled-off. When the mysterious partition is pulled down, they find human bones scattered on the ground. An old servant woman decides it is time to speak up and the mystery is solved. Based on Honoré de Balzac's « La Grande Bretèche ».
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affiche La symphonie fantastique
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La symphonie fantastique


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Lise Delamare, Jean-Louis Barrault

In Paris, circa 1825 - Hector Berlioz drops out of medical school to study music. He composes the 'Symphonie Fantastique' for an actress called Harriett Smithson whom he loves madly. His stubborn devotion touches Harriet who marries him, and they have a son. But Berlioz's string of failures take their toll and his marriage falls apart. At last, he finds happiness with Marie, a retired singer who has always loved him, but she dies of a heart attack.
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affiche Le dernier des six
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Le dernier des six


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Pierre Fresnay, Michèle Alfa, Suzy Delair

Six friends share a small amount of money, decide to separate for five years and meet again to split the hoarded bundle. Five years later, one after the other, four of them are murdered. The case is assigned to Inspector Wens who is sure that the murderer is one of the original six who wants to keep the stash for himself. The policeman discovers the criminal, one of the murdered men who simulated his own death to carry out his murderous scheme without fear of reprisal.
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affiche Avec le sourire
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Avec le sourire


Un film de Maurice Tourneur

Avec Maurice Chevalier, André Lefaur, Marie Glory

Victor lands in Paris without a cent to his name. He meets Gisèle, a walk-on in a music hall. Beguiled by the young woman, he finagles a job as a doorkeeper at her place of work. Victor uses every trick of the trade to scale the ladder to success, going from lowly program seller to secretary to partner, ending up with his boss's job. Victor climbs every step in his sudden rise to success 'with a smile'.
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affiche Les vingt-huit jours de Clairette
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Les vingt-huit jours de Clairette


Un film de André Hugon

Avec Armand Bernard, Antonin Berval, Mireille

Clairette learns that Bérénice, her husband's old flame, is making a play for him at the army base where he has been drafted. Clairette dons her officer's uniform and after a few mix-ups, makes up with her husband while Bérénice finds comfort in the captain's arms.
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affiche Maurin des Maures
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Maurin des Maures


Un film de André Hugon

Avec Jean Aquistapace, Antonin Berval, Jeanne Boitel

Maurin, a poacher, bon vivant and rake, falls in love with a policeman fiancee. In spite of all her principles, Maurin easily gets the better of his rival. Based on Jean Aicard's novel.
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