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affiche La boum n°2
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La boum n°2


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Claude Brasseur, Brigitte Fossey, Denise Grey

Two years after the first "Boum", Vic - now 15 and a half years old - has a very calm love life, actually no boyfriend at all. Her parents are happily together again, Grandma Poupette thinks about finally marring her long-term boyfriend. But then Vic meets Philippe and is overcome by his charm. She's in heaven again and considers going all the way this time - a step, that her girlfriend Penelope already has taken.
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affiche La boum
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La boum


Un film de Claude Pinoteau

Avec Claude Brasseur, Brigitte Fossey, Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau's first screen performance as the fourteen year old school girl Vic won her international acclaim. Vic lives with her parents but she gets along much better with Poupette, her great-grandmother. Vic confides in the energetic old lady and shares all her joys and feelings with the very open-minded dowager while her parents muddle through the cross-purposes of their love life.
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affiche La folie des grandeurs
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La folie des grandeurs


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Louis de Funès, Yves Montand, Alice Sapritch

Don Salluste, a petty tyrant in his own home and minister of the King of Spain, falls from grace. Wanting revenge, he tries to compromize the Queen with his valet Blaze, introduced as his cousin. But poor Blaze gets stuck with a rather repulsive duenna, who is madly in love with him and very keen on getting her way. This wild comedy takes off at a dashing pace set by the De Funès, Montand and Sapritch trio.
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affiche Le distrait
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Le distrait


Un film de Pierre Richard

Avec Pierre Richard, Bernard Blier, Maria Pacôme

Pierre Malaquet is absent-minded and has a vivid imagination tinged with grim humour. His mother gets him a job with an advertising agency where his blunders keep making the headlines. Meanwhile Pierre realizes he loves his boss's secretary. The boss uses the opportunity to send the troublesome genius and his sweetheart to an unsuspecting colleague in the United States.
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affiche Hibernatus
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Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Louis de Funès, Claude Gensac, Olivier de Funès

Hubert de Tartas' life becomes a complete muddle when his wife's grand father is unearthed after having spent 65 years in frozen hibernation in the polar circle. After being de-frosted, the Hibernating Man believes it is still the beginning of the century. Nothing is spared to keep that illusion alive. At the end of his rope, Hubert blurts out the truth and takes the man from Edwardian times on a crazy spree through an ultramodern Twentieth Century.
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affiche Les risques du métier
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Les risques du métier


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Jacques Brel, Emmanuelle Riva, René Dary

In a small Norman village, three students accuse their school teacher of sexual molestation. In spite of his denial to the contrary, the teacher is arrested and jailed. Later he is proven innocent, but at what a cost! Jacques Brel in his screen performance as a compelling moving teacher, a victim of teenage girls who, prompted by their irresponsible parents bear false witness against him.
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affiche Fantômas se déchaîne
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Fantômas se déchaîne


Un film de André Hunebelle

Avec Jean Marais, Louis de Funès, Mylène Demongeot

Just as inspector Juve is being decorated for having defeated the evil monster, Fantômas kidnaps Professor Lefèvre during a trip to Rome. So Juve sets up a discreet watch and, once again, adventures, chases, puzzling predicaments and kidnappings get off to a roaring start. Juve, Fandor and Hélène set forth, from the halls of a scientific convention to the crater of a volcano, hot in pursuit of Fantômas and his bag of diabolical tricks.
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affiche Le glaive et la balance
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Le glaive et la balance


Un film de André Cayatte

Avec Anthony Perkins, Jean-Claude Brialy, Renato Salvatori

A little boy is kidnapped and assassinated. The police pursue the two criminals and arrest them. But when they do, they find they have caught three men, one is innocent. The police detectives cannot tell which two are the guilty parties. The court hands the decision over to the jury but the crowd hands down its own ruthless sentence.
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affiche Le masque de fer
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Le masque de fer


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Jean Marais, Sylva Koscina, Jean-François Poron

Mazarin entrusts d'Artagnan with the mission of bringing Louis XIV's twin brother back to Paris. The twin is imprisoned in a castle and wears an iron mask to hide the resemblance to the king. When d'Artagnan arrives at the castle, the Iron Mask has just escaped with the help of a young woman. A succession of chases duels and arrests ensue, before the two brothers' fated meeting.
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affiche La salamandre d'or
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La salamandre d'or


Un film de Maurice Regamey

Avec Jean-Claude Pascal, Valérie Lagrange, John Justin

Louise of Savoy entrusts Sir Montpezat with the ransom for François I. He is to bring it to Charles Quint who is holding the king prisoner. The Knight overcomes every pitfall and fulfills his mission.
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affiche Le dos au mur
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Le dos au mur


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Jeanne Moreau, Gérard Oury, Philippe Nicaud

Jacques Decret, a wealthy industrialist, finds out that Gloria, his wife, is cheating on him with a young actor. In revenge, he harasses her with poison pen letters and manages to convince Gloria of her lover's guilt. The overwrought woman accidentally kills the young man and Jacques entombs the corpse in a wall under construction, the case is closed. One night, however, Gloria perceives her spouse's web of deceit.
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affiche Le fils de Caroline cherie
© Copyright Gaumont

Le fils de Caroline cherie


Un film de Jean Devaivre

Avec Jean-Claude Pascal, Sophie Desmarets, Brigitte Bardot

Third part of Caroline de Bièvre's saga: a comic account of her son's exploits. Juan d'Andrade thinks he is Spanish and this belief takes him all over Europe during Napoleon's time. His road is paved with combats, duels, ambushes, prison and a swarm of girls, all the way to Spain, the land of his mother.
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affiche Les révoltés de Lomanach
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Les révoltés de Lomanach


Un film de Richard Pottier

Avec Dany Robin, Amedeo Nazzari, Jacques Castelot

In 1799, the war in Vendée with its bloody battles between the Royals Insurgents and the Revolutionaries is the dramatic setting for Monique and Barnaud's love story. She is supposed to kill him, but love stays her hand. The two lovers end up being killed by fanatics. Perhaps their fate will serve to put an end to the fratricidal war.
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affiche Le rideau rouge
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Le rideau rouge


Un film de André Barsacq

Avec Michel Simon, Pierre Brasseur, Monelle Valentin

Bertal, a theater manager, is assassinated in his dressing room just before a performance of Macbeth. There are countless suspects because the victim was a cynical, friendless man. But the police investigation traces the murder occurred in exactly the same way as it does in Shakespeare's play. The only film of the great theater director André Barsacq.
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affiche Rendez-vous de juillet
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Rendez-vous de juillet


Un film de Jacques Becker

Avec Daniel Gélin, Nicole Courcel, Brigitte Auber

Lucien Bonnard, an ethnology student is vainly searching for funds to finance his expedition to Africa. Meanwhile, his actor friends are producing a play written by a young author. Caught in lovers' cross-purposes, couples get together and come apart, but they remain a tight-knit group and are finally able to leave for Africa.
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