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affiche Quand passent les faisans
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Quand passent les faisans


Un film de Edouard Molinaro

Avec Paul Meurisse, Bernard Blier, Jean Lefebvre

Larsan Bellac, a high class con artist, hires two sleazy gangsters to help him with his next operation. Thanks to his brains and skill, the threesome rip off a wealthy public works contractor. But a rich widow falls in love with the smart con man, takes him to her castle and steals the loot. Bellac is so disgusted that he takes French leave just before the berserk contractor shows up and wreaks a grisly revenge.
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affiche Coplan prend des risques
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Coplan prend des risques


Un film de Maurice Labro

Avec Dominique Paturel, Virna Lisi, Jacques Ballutin

In a plant working for the defence department, an employee steals a prototype with the help of a Danish woman, who has quite a file at the Secret Service. Coplan makes it a personal matter when he takes on the investigation. He thwarts every plot and dismantles the spy ring.
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affiche OSS 117 se dechaine
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OSS 117 se dechaine


Un film de André Hunebelle

Avec Kerwin Mathews, Irina Demick, Nadia Sanders

While he is scuba-diving, an American secret agent disappears. The Secret Services send agent OSS 117 to the scene of the American's disappearance. In an underwater cave, OSS 117 catches out a bunch of spies putting together a submarine detector. He is captured but manages to escape thanks to beautiful Brigita and destroys the spies' set-up.
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