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affiche Le temps des vacances
© Copyright Gaumont

Le temps des vacances


Un film de Claude Vital

Avec Nathalie Delon, Daniel Ceccaldi, Eléonore Klarwein

Shortly before the holidays, Laurent, a young, good-looking math teacher, is posted at Marie's school and takes rooms at her mother's. Marie is smitten! But so is her mother, who goes on vacation with him to Djerba. Marie shortens her stay with her father in Austria to meet them there. Unfortunately, one night she surprises her mother and Laurent in each other's arms and runs away.
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affiche Les aventures de Tom Sawyer
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Les aventures de Tom Sawyer


Un film de Wolfgang Liebeneiner

Avec Roland Demongeot, Marc Di Napoli, Lucia Ocrain

Tom and Huck live in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi. The boisterous buddies are always in and out of mischief. One day, a bunch of bad guys bring real trouble their way.
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affiche Ni vu ni connu
© Copyright Gaumont

Ni vu ni connu


Un film de Yves Robert

Avec Louis de Funès, Noëlle Adam, Moustache

Blaireau is such a clever poacher that he can supply the entire countryside with game. One night, Parju his arch-enemy is beaten up. Convinced that Blaireau is to blame, Parju has him arrested. But an understanding prison warden and beautiful Arabella's lavish attention ease the hardship of jail life. Happily, the 'miscarriage of justice' is corrected, Parju becomes a laughing-stock, and Blaireau returns to an overjoyed village.
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affiche L'affaire des poisons
© Copyright Gaumont

L'affaire des poisons


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Danielle Darrieux, Viviane Romance, Paul Meurisse

Paris, 1676, Madame de Montespan, the mistress of the Sun King, fears she'll lose his affections to youthful Mademoiselle de Fontanges. Madame de Montespan with help from well-known medium La Voisin poisons her young rival. La Voisin and Mademoiselle Desoeillets, Mme de Montespan lady's maid, are arrested and sentenced to death. Madame de Montespan promises to save the medium's life in exchange for her silence. But La Voisin's gullibility causes her downfall while innocent Mademoiselle Desoeillets is saved in the nick of time.
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affiche Razzia sur la chnouf
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Razzia sur la chnouf


Un film de Henri Decoin

Avec Jean Gabin, Magali Noël, Paul Frankeur

Liski, the fearsome boss of a Parisian drug ring, hires Henri le Nantais to straighten out his organization. Le Nantais meticulously dismantles the whole dope dealing network. Having accomplished his mission, the undercover police detective can reveal his true identity and put everyone behind bars.
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affiche La belle image
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La belle image


Un film de Claude Heymann

Avec Françoise Christophe, Frank Villard, Pierre Larquey

One day Raoul Cérusier is flabbergasted to find that his face has changed. Except from an old uncle, no one - not even his wife - recognizes him. From an ordinary rather ugly man, he has turned into a charming young man. He can turn all the girls' heads, that includes his wife whom he seduces. Fortunately his old face returns in time, so even though Mrs. Cérusier loses a lover, she gets a husband back.
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affiche Florence est folle
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Florence est folle


Un film de Georges Lacombe

Avec Lise Florelly, Marguerite de Morlaye, Roland Armontel

Lucile is comatose after a car accident. When she comes to, she doesn't recognize anybody and says her name is Florence Bolero, a well-known international singer. Lucile's husband attempts to snap her out of her psychological trauma, but not to avail, he is forced to put up with his wife's innumerable fancies and lead a life of extravaganza.
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affiche La symphonie fantastique
© Copyright Gaumont

La symphonie fantastique


Un film de Christian-Jaque

Avec Renée Saint-Cyr, Lise Delamare, Jean-Louis Barrault

In Paris, circa 1825 - Hector Berlioz drops out of medical school to study music. He composes the 'Symphonie Fantastique' for an actress called Harriett Smithson whom he loves madly. His stubborn devotion touches Harriet who marries him, and they have a son. But Berlioz's string of failures take their toll and his marriage falls apart. At last, he finds happiness with Marie, a retired singer who has always loved him, but she dies of a heart attack.
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affiche Mam'zelle Bonaparte
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Mam'zelle Bonaparte


Un film de Maurice Tourneur

Avec Edwige Feuillère, Monique Joyce, Raymond Rouleau

Cora is a kept woman and the mistress of Napoleon the Third's cousin. During a trip, she meets Philippe de Vaudrey, a country squire plotting against the Emperor, and they fall in love. A woman who hates Cora tells Philippe what kind of life his beloved leads. Distraught by the news, Philippe gives himself in to the police and is sentenced to death. Cora successfully petitions the Emperor for his pardon. But Philippe, who is wounded during an attempt to escape, dies in the arms of his love.
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affiche Je t'attendrai
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Je t'attendrai


Un film de Léonide Moguy

Avec Jean-Pierre Aumont, Corinne Luchaire, Berthe Bovy

In 1918, Paul, a young solider, jumps his battalion's train to see his fiancée, Marie who's living with his parents. But Marie has been sent away by Paul's mother and the young woman is now working at a military canteen. Paul finds and convinces Marie to come back with him. However, when the mess sergeant refuses to let her go, Paul kills him. Just as Paul decides to turn himself in, an enemy plane bombs the mess hall. Scot-free, Paul can return to the train.
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