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affiche Donnant donnant
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Donnant donnant
Fair is fair


Un film de Isabelle Mergault

Avec Daniel Auteuil, Sabine Azéma, Medeea Marinescu

A man called Constant (Daniel Auteuil) escapes from prison. Since the police are looking for him, he hides in an abandoned canal boat near a remote village. The local gossips jealously guard the banks, clearly not used to seeing new faces: Jeanne (Sabine Azéma), who has been depressed ever since her José died, Silvia (Medeea Marinescu), her adopted daughter, a pianist who dreams of getting her hands on her inheritance and moving to Paris, Melchior the dog... and the neighbors who used to dance on the houseboat in its glory days: Horace and his daughter Mauricette, Victor and Martha, and Eric and Vincent.However, one of the women in the village recognizes Constant. She agrees to keep quiet on one condition: that he kills someone for her...But things don’t turn out as planned... And a potential tragedy turns into a love story.
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affiche Le schpountz
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Le schpountz


Un film de Gérard Oury

Avec Smain, Sabine Azéma, Ticky Holgado

Irénée, who lives in the South of France with his uncle Casimir, is obsessed with cinema. One day, a crew, searching a location for a movie, arrives in his village. Irénée joins the crew and helps them finding the location. The crew makes fun of Irénée, calls him "the Schpountz" and decides to play a dirty trick on him. They offer him a fake contract signed by the producer. Although his uncle is complaining, Irénée, convinced of his success, leaves for Paris.
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affiche On n'est pas des anges elles non plus
© Copyright Gaumont

On n'est pas des anges elles non plus


Un film de Michel Lang

Avec Sabine Azéma, Pierre Vernier, Georges Beller

Marie-Laure, Gilles, Roland and Grégoire are an inseparable foursome. The three boys spend their time courting the girls until the day falls for an Italian lady killer. The three boys suddenly realize how deeply they feel about her and do their utmost to get rid of the intruder.
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affiche Le chasseur de chez Maxim's
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Le chasseur de chez Maxim's


Un film de Claude Vital

Avec Michel Galabru, Jean Lefebvre, Daniel Ceccaldi

Mister Julien has been a doorman at Maxim's for years. Everybody appreciates his discretion and shrewd knowledge of floozies. So when Mister Julien announces he is retiring, his boss refuses to let him go, threatening to tell Mister Julien's wife, who thinks he is a big executive, what he really does for a living. Mister Julien grudgingly agrees to postpone his retirement. From then on, his life becomes chaos as his nephew's curiosity and his mistress' fickleness cause him no end of trouble.
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affiche On aura tout vu
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On aura tout vu


Un film de Georges Lautner

Avec Pierre Richard, Miou-Miou, Jean-Pierre Marielle

François Perrin is a jobless director, reduced to shooting a pornographic film. As his wife cannot prevent him from taking the dirty job, she decides to shame him by asking for a part in the production. Her audition is quite a sight... A film that pokes gentle fun advice immoderate fad of the seventies that rated the first X's in film history.
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